If you’re a ’90s kid, you surely remember the influence boy bands have had on your childhood. From their songs and dance moves to their wacky style, it was all a rage back then. Bands like The Beatles, The Jackson 5, Backstreet Boys, Westlife and more recently One Direction have managed to top not only music charts but also conquer millions of teenage fans. These bands follow a unique style that has become a class of its own and over the years, their fashion transformation has been notable. Here’s a look at boy band style through the ages.  

Pre ’90s

Bands like The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Jackson 5 were all boy bands that sported identical clothing. The Beatles boys were always sported wearing black or variations of the colour while the Beach Boys were seen in the same printed shirts. In fact, the USP of the Jackson 5 boys was their identical hairstyle that made sure you had enough recall value for the group and its members. The Beatles Then came The Monkees. Initially comprising four members, the band sported similar blazers in different, bright colours. This became their uniform of sorts. Boyz II Men was another band that followed suit and was often seen sporting identical style. Their signature, in fact, was the same clothes mostly in white.  

The 90s

The ’90s saw the rise of the all-male bands like Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, who took over the stage in matching outfits with just a hint of personalisation to their identical clothes. Congruence was their thing—be it in their attire, moves or music. 98 degrees The band 98 Degrees came in, in 1996 with their statement fashion uniforms that were often weird combinations that could only be described as  hipster chic. Yes, we are talking men in white jumpsuits.  

The early 2000s

The 2000s saw boy bands evolve in fashion as well. Bands like Maroon 5 and Good Charlotte had a refreshingly different take on style with simple tees and jeans. In fact, they let their music do the talking. By this time tattoos were also in vogue, so we got an eyeful of those. Maroon 5 The Jonas Brothers arrived in 2005 with an individual signature style that each member sported (Joe’s Mohawk, Nick’s curly locks and Kevin’s bandanas) and soon our eyes got used to watching men in different attire come together on-screen.  

The late 2000s

one direction One Direction’s entry into the music world in 2010 came in as a refreshing new wave. Their music was different and so were their styles. Each one of them was sporting an distinct look with no similarity to the others, but the most notable were their hairstyles that began to soon be copied by teenagers and fans. The current trend tips on the celebration of this individuality and we only have One Direction to blame. Like this article? Also read: Smart Casuals For The Dapper Guy