Fashion gets a lot of bad rap for being bitchy and frivolous, and the many on-screen portrayals have only helped to reinforce that fallacy. Now, far be it for us to judge people by the way they dress; as fellow shopaholics we are all too excited with any new pretty purchase. But the only time an on-screen character has voiced an opinion we back with all our might was when Prada-clad Miranda Priestley deployed her acerbic response to an inevitable summer trend – “Florals for spring? Ground-breaking.” It’s not a trend we ever tire of, but for the love of evolution, let’s look at anything that doesn’t have daisies or violets printed on it #SchoolGirlFlashbacks. So, without much further ado, we present a roundup of grownup versions of florals: the botanical print. Take your cue from these Westside separates.
  Model: Alicia (TFM), Photographer: Dwaiyapan Mazumdar, Make Up & Hair: Kalpesh Lad, Styling: Shirin Salwan

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