You can’t always rely on a friend for help, but on an app you can. In fact, your smartphone can be your new best friend because it can make life a lot simpler. Let’s admit, in a busy and bustling city like Mumbai that could be a big boon. All you need are the right apps.
For cabs
for cabs Why would you want to waste all that time convincing a ‘kaali peeli’ cabbie to drive you, when you can book an AC cab on your phone, pay for it online and constantly track your timings. The best part is that many of these cab services charge a very decent rate and have a lot of deals that cut cost. Apps: Uber - [for Android], [for iOS] Ola - [for Android], [for iOS]
For public transport
for public transport Whether you take the train, bus, metro, cab, auto, mono, express or ferry, there’s one app that binds them all – m-Indicator. It gives you all the precise details about the routes, stops and fares of all these forms of transport. App: m-Indicator - [for Android], [for iOS] Also Read: These Apps Are Changing the Way We Travel
For traffic updates
for traffic Traffic is an integral part of life in Mumbai, you can’t skip it but you can find the best way to deal with it with satellite-based apps. These apps show you the best routes you can take to minimise your travel time. Apps: Maps - [for Android], [for iOS] Traffline - [for Android], [for iOS]
For food
for food Gone are the days when you called a restaurant to order food. You can just use an app to do it for you now. The best part is that these apps often have extra benefits like discounts, coupons and point which help you save a few bucks. Apps Zomato - [for Android], [for iOS] foodpanda - [for Android], [for iOS]
For grocery
for grocery No need to starve yourself because you were too lazy to go pick groceries, there’s now an app that will go pick up groceries for you from the stores nearby.  Whether you want vegetables, eggs, cakes, electronics, make up etc., count on this app to deliver groceries to your doorstep at a time you choose. App: Grofers - [for Android], [for iOS]
For local services
for local services For all your other errands and to-dos, get yourself a concierge app. You can use these apps for all kinds of local services, like finding a handyman, cleaning service, cook, party planner, yoga teacher, photographer etc.  With these apps you can enjoy the convenience of professional services at standard rates. Apps: UrbanClap - [for Android], [for iOS] TaskBob - [for Android], [for iOS]
For payments
for payments Online wallets are the new best thing, take our word for it! These wallets are linked to most online-payment pages, which means you can use the money from your online wallet to pay for food, cabs, clothes, mobile and electricity bills etc. In fact, you can add a few thousand bucks to your wallet and keep track of the money you spend over the month for all your needs. Apps: PayTM - [for Android], [for iOS] MobiKwik - [for Android], [for iOS] Cover Image Courtesy:; Image Courtesy:; Illustration by Aditi Sharma