Bollywood films have long been infamous for their unrealistic portrayal of life that it’s become something of a long-standing joke among movie fans. However, the internet has proved to be the great leveler – fans can now call out their favourite filmmakers on what they perceive to be inaccurate depictions and expect their views to be seen by a large audience. As a result, films in India seem to have stepped closer towards reality in recent years. One area where this gradual change is easily noticeable is when it comes to films about sports. Where once we may have made a movie wherein the protagonist did unbelievable, physics-defying feats on a football field or a cricket pitch, today’s films portray sports in a manner which not only appeals to our sensibilities but also actively engages and excites the audience. After all, wouldn’t you be more interested in seeing a film which shows you things that you could do yourself with some practice? In today’s edition of the Bollywood workout, we take a look at what we could learn from Bollywood via MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. It’s important to remember that the benefits mentioned below are in conjunction with the benefits – both physical and mental – that come along with regular exercise.

Team Sports Promote Leadership and Confidence

There’s a reason so many companies have been looking to introduce team sports into the workplace, whether it be at off-site events or regular intra-office tournaments. Corporates all over the world are all about “leadership skills” and it’s been proven that team sports are amongst the best means to impart these skills to individuals. When it comes to being able to communicate clearly and learning to respect your fellow teammates, while commanding their respect in return, the playing field is the training arena. Team sports teach a multitude of lessons which are of immense use in the workplace – communication skills, the ability to move past mistakes, basic leadership skills, trust, the ability to take and work on criticism, and inclusion, to name a few. All skills which MS Dhoni possesses in spades.

It’s All About Controlled Aggression

Anger and aggression are unfortunately still commonplace in society today and they can have a devastating effect on your ability to live a happy life. However, there’s still one place where aggression can be harnessed to your advantage – the playing field. Despite its many negative effects, aggression can also be used to give yourself an edge when playing a sport. For those of us who struggle to find a harmless outlet for the anger and frustration that build up during the mundane tasks we have to go through at work and in life, being able to unleash some of that pent-up aggression can have a calming effect and can, in fact, be a competitive advantage on the field. Think of all those monster sixes that Dhoni hits as though they're nothing - notice how calm he seems even when dominating opposition? The same applies to extremely competitive people who struggle to find an avenue to prove themselves without it being detrimental to their various relationships with other people. Some studies even suggest that exercise via sports can help to place a check on the anxiety or anger some people experience on an everyday basis, thereby providing a means to destress and enjoy life a little more.

You Can’t Be Bored When Everything’s Unpredictable

Most people find the gym – or other more commonplace exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling – to be a boring experience and several fitness enthusiasts will likely admit that they do it more for the end result and how it makes them feel, and not because they particularly enjoy the activity itself. One easy workaround is to make your workout more fun. Unless you’re the sort of person who can’t stand organised sports, being able to tie your workout into something fun such as a quick game of badminton or football is exactly what you need to stay engaged and committed to exercise. In fact, many people thrive on the competitive aspect of playing a sport. Just be sure to consult with your doctor if you’re wary of injury or a pre-existing medical condition since things can get pretty intense when the game is on.

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