Bollywood is on a roll with all these sports-based films and the training montages get better and better with every movie that comes out. So why not turn to the movies for exercise when we already use them to get our cues on love, life and everything in between? In this edition of the Bollywood workout, we take a look at the CrossFit phenomenon. We only hope you’ve warmed up enough with our cardio workout from last week.

Specialisation Limits You

CrossFit is commonly referred to as “the sport of fitness” and its goal is to promote all-round proficiency in its athletes. Gone are the days when fitness was measured by how much you could lift or how far you could run; the best CrossFit athletes are expected to be able to complete a half marathon, alongside being highly agile with explosive power and the strength to compete in the weight room as well. Akshay Kumar is a perfect example of what it means to be fit across the board in that manner. In this video alone, he tackles almost every sort of workout you could think of and he does them all with aplomb. How many weightlifters can claim to scale a wall or climb a rope?

It Never Gets Boring

For many people, the thought of hitting the gym and picking up weights sounds like the perfect antidote to insomnia. The sheer repetition required in most other fitness routines makes exercising a stale affair in just a few visits to the gym. Luckily, this is not the case with CrossFit. The workouts here, called Workouts Of the Day (or WODs), are constantly varied to train a different aspect of your physical aptitude. WODs are short, intense and varied. Sounds exciting, right? As fitness enthusiast and registered dietician, Julie Upton, says in a piece for Huffington Post: “CrossFit combines aerobic conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics along with some other old-school training elements like kettlebells, rope climbs, tire flipping and sledgehammer into daily WODs (workouts of the day). We’re trained to be able to run a 10K but to also do long jumps, box jumps, and pull-ups — and anything you can do with a barbell or dumbbell, we can do it.”

The Experts Trust It

CrossFit is not a specialised fitness programme; instead, the aim is to develop competency in the 10 recognised fitness domains. Those domains are: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Such is the success of the programme that it has earned credibility amongst fitness industry experts, as well as military organisations and law enforcement agencies the world over. On the surface, it seems painfully obvious that this would be the case. The brave men and women in these organisations aren’t out there to see how much weight they could possibly lift. They need a holistic approach to fitness – one that would take into account the various dimensions of fitness required to execute the physical hardship of their roles – and CrossFit offers just that.

Be Careful Who You Get Into The Box With

While the health benefits of CrossFit sound tempting – I mean, who wouldn’t want a boost in cardiovascular health and speedy weight loss? – it’s vital that you choose your CrossFit programme with extreme care, all the while keeping in mind that CrossFit isn’t just a generic name given to a fitness program – it is, in reality, a licensed program, with annual fees for their franchises. CrossFit Inc started out as just one gym in Santa Cruz, California, but quickly expanded to become a global fitness phenomenon. Today, there are over 13000 CrossFit gyms – or “Boxes” as they are known within the community – across the world. Make sure you do your research and choose the program and Box that’s best suited for your needs. Once you start off on CrossFit, you won’t look back.

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