Spending quality time with family at home is an experience that everyone should treasure. From sharing old memories to watching favourite movies together, there are so many ways to make family time fun. One such way is to play your favourite board games. If you don't have any at your home right now, fret not; there's a variety of board game apps available for your smartphones and tablets. In fact, instead of getting one or two games, you can install as many board game apps as your memory card permits and have a gala time. Here are some of our top picks.

Ludo King

Perhaps one of the most familiar games for all of us, it is no surprise that Ludo is also highly popular among board game apps and is played by many. The best version comes with multiplayer features that allow up to four participants, all playing the same match from their own devices. Just make sure you don't get too competitive when you lose a piece to your opponent. Play Store | App Store


A gateway to serious board gaming for many, Monopoly has a great app adaptation too. It comes with a 'pass and play' feature that allows you to pass the device for each player's turn, and includes an online multiplayer feature as well. Play Store | App Store

Scrabble GO

The smartphone version of this popular word game has a lot of takers. This one does have the classic game, but also comes with additional modes to amp up the fun factor. These frills and ribbons may not be everyone's preference, but if you can look beyond them, the core gameplay is great. Play Store | App Store

Ticket To Ride

A railway-themed board game released in 2004, Ticket To Ride gives players the objective of connecting cities using the resources they get from a random deck of cards. The smartphone game comes with multiple expansions that can make for long term fun, that you can always continue on the actual board game once you get your hands on it. Play Store | App Store


Known as the godfather of the modern board gaming boom, Catan is always fun (and competitive) to play with your loved ones. The app allows you to play with up to four players. Slightly more intense than Monopoly and similar games, Catan also comes with many expansions that keep things interesting long after you've started off. Play Store | App Store

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