This year will see the release of new devices with Bluetooth 5 standards. The last update of Bluetooth 4.2 was back in 2014 and it changed the way we used this wireless connection to a great extent. We went from transferring music and photos back in the old days to connecting devices like wireless headphones, speakers and smart home tech to our smartphones. And now with the release of Bluetooth 5, we can expect a much more evolved technology. Here’s what you need to know about Bluetooth 5 and how it will affect your life.
Twice as faster
The new Bluetooth 5 technology is going to be twice as faster than its predecessor. The doubled speed goes from 1Mbos to 2Mbps. This means data will be transferred faster between devices which is crucial in times where we share a lot of high quality and large files.
Four times the range
The range was a major setback in the previous Bluetooth standard. This has been taken care of in the new update that will offer four times the range than before. This means you can connect your smartphone to the home theatre in the living room and won’t have to bother about staying in the same room to maintain range. Bluetooth 5 can cover the entire home and more with its high range.
Can transmit eight times as much data
It can now offer eight times the broadcast message capacity than Bluetooth 4.2. That means the messages sent will carry eight times as much data. This will be very useful for smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). It will help make way for higher quality transmission.
It’s more stable
This update will make devices more stable when connected to other devices. This way the signal won’t be easily interrupted by other wireless technologies.
Low energy consumption
The creators claim that in spite of all the new upgrades, Bluetooth 5 will be energy efficient. With it you can enjoy better connection and faster speed without compromising on battery life. This can be very helpful when you’re relying on your smartphone to play music wirelessly via the speakers through the night.
It is secure
With all the personal information shared through smart home devices, security becomes an important issue. The creator of this new update say that Bluetooth 5 adheres to the US federal security regulations and meet all security standards. Using devices with this latest technology is surely something to look forward to in 2017. Manufacturers are expected to roll out Bluetooth 5 in their new devices that will be launched starting early 2017. Since it is a physical hardware, you won’t be able to update your existing software but will have to wait for the new devices. However, you won’t need to replace every gadget, Bluetooth 5 plays well with your existing Bluetooth 4.2 too. Cover Image Courtesy: