You can get away with a lot when the spirits are high and the folks are merry, but there’s still a line you shouldn’t cross when it comes to the shiny stuff. Between keeping it subtle and making a statement (the right way), there is a wide danger zone that most guys unwittingly waltz into. Here are a few quick pointers to help you navigate the treacherous trend of bling.

1) Never mix

There are different ways in which garments are embellished- it could be with sequins, embroidery, mirror-work, or metallic studs. Mixing more than one of the above mentioned styles is an unforgivable fashion crime.

2) Aim for average

Take into consideration the occasion as well as the amount of people who are going to be similarly dressed. What you can get away with for Navratri will definitely not see you through a cocktail party. You should also consider your position at the occasion. You do not want to be the guy at a wedding who is wearing something flashier than the bridegroom.

3) Just ONE thing

If you want to be the center of attention or if the occasion calls for it (blowing out your candles? won an award? completed all levels in Candy Crush?) then you are allowed to go over the top with one item of clothing that is unapologetically eye-catching. It could be a jacket, a cap, a wristwatch or blingy shoes. It’s your special day, take your pick.

4) Curb your enthusiasm

It goes without saying that when it comes to bold trends- less is more. Sure, it's the festive season but you don't want to end up looking like a silver-foiled barfi at the dessert counter. If it's the pattern that's blingy, make sure you contrast it against self colours. Glittering rangolis are better left on the floor. Not everyone is born to follow the rules though. There will always be some of you who want to live recklessly and do their own thing. It’s okay, really. Go crazy, light up the room. Give the chandeliers some serious competition. After all, Bappi Da is the limit.