It’s Bikini Day today, which basically means you take the day off, head to the nearest beach and sip some pinacoladas—in a bikini. But here I am, sulking at my desk in all-black-everything and thinking of all the places I could be at instead. After the first mug of coffee kicked in, I had what one might call an epiphany. A lot has been said and written about bikinis—a fine invention, indeed, yet vastly overrated—but no one talks about men in their swimming trunks enough. Why this gender bias? If God created women (and put Brigitte Bardot in a swimsuit), he also made men—and damn fine ones at that. So, on this special day, I propose an appreciation of the boy-kini i.e.: men in their itsy-bitsies. Buckle-up ‘cause it’s gonna get steamy hot in here. Happy Bikini Day, y’all.

John Abraham

John Abraham *This* iconic shot of John Abraham in his…erm, trunks—look closely, guys—is enough to get anyone’s oestrogen levels to go shooting through the roof. Can we study this in Art Appreciation after we’re done with Botticelli’s Birth of Venus?

Milind Soman

Milind Soman AKA The original Mantastic Man. Just like a bottle of the finest Scotch or a good block of cheddar, he only gets better with age—with or without his shirt.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig Look at your man. Now look at Daniel Craig. Look at your man again. I’m sorry.

Idris Elba


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The next Bond or not, this fine specimen of a man will have even the coldest heart cooing. I don’t know about you but all I want for Christmas is Idris Elba—in slinky Speedos.

Ryan Gosling

  What’s better than shirtless Ryan Gosling, you ask? Shirtless Ryan Gosling asking you to get in the water. Get in the water, woman!

Team Que's Wishlist

Run a Google search and you'll be surprised at the dearth of hot men in their swimsuits. So we decided to compile a list of yummy men we'd like to see by the beach. Here's what the team came up with--
  • Fawad Khan - Because, hi! have you seen him in a tux?
  • Ranveer Singh - Most likely to be spotted sporting a Banana Hammock.
  • Ranbir Kapoor - That good-boy charm needs to be toned down a notch. Take off your shirt, Ranbir!
  • Randeep Hooda - Needs no explanation.
  • Sidharth Malhotra - Because we believe our swooning levels haven't reached their optimum potential.
  • Narendra Modi - Why not?
Tell us about your wishlist in the comments section! Milind Soman's image courtesy Vinay Dahiya Photography/Facebook