The biggest tech show has concluded, and yet again CES (Consumer Electronic Show) proved to be one hell of a great show. Now that the dust has settled and the jet lag is done with, here are the best of what I thought, rocked the show in 2018.

Razer Project Linda

No, that’s not the working title for Christopher Nolan’s next movie, instead it is something that not even the top leakers of the tech world expected. Razer is known for its gaming-focused products, which it has consistently launched over the years. I used to own one of their gaming mice, called the Boomslang—it was the wickedest thing, and granted me snob value. But then the company a top-spec Razer smartphone aimed at gamers in November last year, so I didn’t know what to expect at CES. Enter Project Linda. Simply put, it's a laptop shell with a 13.3in Quad HD screen sporting the same 120Hz refresh rate as the smartphone, but take a peek at the keypad and you’ll find a gaping slot that will only fit the phone. It will also double up as your touchpad for the laptop and become the processing unit for it. More importantly, you can now mirror the phone’s display on the laptop screen or use it as a second screen or both. I am sincerely hoping this sees the light of day in 2018. Also Read: Top Tech Launches In 2018 That Will Make You Go Weak in The Knees

Vivo Smartphone

Under-glass fingerprint sensors will be the buzzword this year. However, Vivo beat everyone at this game by unveiling the first ever smartphone with the Synaptics FS9500 Clear ID sensor tech at CES 2018. Mind you, it was no gimmick, it actually worked, though a bit slowly, but flawlessly. The prerequisite for this tech to work is that the screen has to be an OLED one. The size zero optical sensor sits between the display glass and OLED panel and looks through the pixels to register your print. Pretty rad tech, right! Expect most, if not all flagships to sport such tech this year.

HTC Vive Pro

Apart from TVs, gaming has always been a huge part of CES. This year HTC, which has already wowed consumers with its Vive VR headset, dropped a worthy upgrade. The aptly named HTC Vive Pro features a much more comfortable head strap, which is extremely important for those long gaming sessions, especially in VR. The unit also packs in dual front-facing cameras, integrated 3D audio and two mics. Did I miss something? Yes, the resolution now goes up to a retina-popping 2,880 x 1,600 (615ppi).

L'Oreal UV Sense

Who said tech and beauty cannot go hand in hand? L'Oreal's new UV Sense stick-on sensor can be attached to sunglasses, skin, and more. Once in place, it will keep a tab and alert you via the smartphone app about many things like when to apply lotion and more. I reckon there is some time for this product to hit the shelves, so don’t hold your breath. Still it’s a very cool tech that’s worth the wait.

Samsung ‘The Wall’ and LG’s Rollable OLED

Imagine getting home, sinking onto the couch and seeing your entire wall come alive when you turn on the TV. That’s what will happen if you to buy Samsung's new TV, ‘The Wall’. It sports MicroLED tech, think of it as Samsung's way of trying to make OLED obsolete. While I don’t expect you to pre-order this, if and when Samsung makes it available, the tech could eventually end up on TVs that everyone could buy. However, that wasn’t the only TV that made my jaw drop. Just when I thought I’d get to see foldable smartphones, LG went ahead and dropped a 65-inch OLED television at CES 2018. It is still in the concept stage but guess what? You can roll the entire 65-inch of screen space into a tube and stow it away in the corner of your living room. Don’t ask for the release date though, LG refused to reveal it. Also Read: This Bag Is Going To Be Trending All Year Round