Most of us don’t realise that our televisions are capable of much more than just streaming movies or being a receiver for cable TV. Televisions have gotten smarter and better over the years and now support a wide variety of features and applications that make them more functional than ever before. Now, with a big TV, your benefits span wider than just better image quality. By installing the right apps and following the right tips, you can do much more with your big-screen TV. So, without any further ado, here’s how you can make the most out of your big television.

PiP mode

If you’ve ever wanted to stream two things at once on your television, you’ll be glad to know that some smart TVs also have the capability to host multiple streams (although, from different sources). So, if your kid wants to catch the cricket match while you’re catching a flick on your Blu-ray player, you can choose to have the match being streamed in a pop-up window. While this isn’t the most ideal way to watch either, with a big TV it’s the best middle ground you can achieve without disappointing anyone.

Keep an eye

With input capabilities ranging from HDMI to optical, why just make your big TV capable of streaming live television? If you’ve got a network of security cameras set up at your house or office, you can choose to stream their feed to your television. You don't need to set up a different system when your existing TV can monitor it.

Get fit with your big TV

Televisions have made couch potatoes out of millions of us. But it’s time to turn the tables! DailyBurn is an application that’s available on most TV platforms and will help keep you in shape. It offers a wide range of options, from Yoga to Pilates. It’s also available across a wide variety of platforms which means you can carry your progress across all your devices.

Stay abreast of weather anomalies

While it’s relatively easy to check out weather schedules on phones nowadays, having a bigger screen at your disposal can truly help you understand the seriousness of an upcoming storm. Go ahead and download the AccuWeather application to have a closer look at weather conditions with weather maps, hourly forecasts and even live streams.

Game on a bigger screen

Let’s agree, gaming on smaller phone screens is kind of miserable. But what if you could your play your favourite games on a much larger, sharper and probably better screen? Well, with screen mirroring, you can mirror your games to your smart TV and enjoy a larger-than-life experience. Add a controller to the mix and you’ve really taken mobile gaming up by several notches.

Your frame to fame

What most people don’t realise is that televisions, especially OLED TVs, can be an outstanding way to add life to your room. With excellent contrast levels and lower energy consumption, your TV can be set to display a work of art when you have guests over. Some expensive Samsung QLED TVs can also blend in with your wallpaper and show a stream of relevant information like weather and news on top. Like this story? Also read: Here's how to get your LED TV sports ready Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

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