As technology has advanced, TVs have gotten increasingly bigger, better and smarter with high definition and superior quality picture. This, coupled with surround sound, has injected a theatre-scale quality to the TV-watching experience. So make the most of’s 10/10 sale and get these big screens on discount.
Panasonic (58") Full HD LED TV
Panasonic TH-58D300DX 147cm
Turn your living room into an entertainment centre with this 58-inch Panasonic TV. It features a FHD IPS LED Display with 1366x768 pixels resolution which gives you sharp, vibrant and clear visuals. This is further backed up with other amazing features such as Vivid Digital Pro Picture Engine and super wide viewing angles that make your viewing experience better than ever. Also Read: How to Make the Most Of Your TV In 2017
LG (49") Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV
LG 49UJ632T 123 cm
Here’s another TV that will not just be the centre of your room but also the centre of everyone’s attention. This 49-inch LG 4K Ultra LED TV brings to life every colour with great precision and gives you flawless picture quality with incredibly vivid details. The IPS 4K panel gives you consistent colour and contrast from all angles so you don’t need a special spot to enjoy the TV at its best.
Panasonic (49") LED Smart TV
Panasonic TH-49ES630D 124 cm
If you’re looking for sleek design and high functionality, this 49-inch Panasonic LED Smart TV is something you’d be happy to discover. Whether you’re watching a sport of a horror flick, the sharp picture quality and crystal clear audio will keep you at the edge of your seat. The IPS LED panel of this TV further boosts the brightness and makes the visuals look crispier and dynamic. Also Read: TV Shows You Have to Watch on Your Smart TV
Panasonic (49") Full HD LED TV
Panasonic TH-49E400D 124 cm
Here’s another 49-inch marvel. This Panasonic LED TV has a full HD display that brings to you vivid colour blends with superior sound that makes for an outstanding experience. Additionally, it also has a unique form of image rendering, adaptive backlight diming, dot noise reduction, USB input, multiple HDMI ports and more.
LG (43") Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV
LG 43UJ632T 108 cm
For a smaller-sized apartment room, this 43-inch Smart TV is big enough to light up the whole place. This 4K Ultra LED TV brings every colour alive on the screen. It is equipped to attain four times the resolution of a FULL HD TV. The IPS 4K panel is superior to most other panels and brings excellent picture clarity, especially in fast-motion scenes. Also Read: Ask Me How: To Find A 10/10 Dress For A First Date All these TVs are on an extended discount for’s 10/10 sale. This discounts will be available on October 10, 2017. Find more TVs on sale here.