The world is divided into two kinds of people. The first who like small screen smartphones and the others who like it big. It all comes down to convenience and usage in the end. When talking about functions both small and big screen smartphones are alike, however, it is the quality of the experience that differs. And there are a lot of reasons to believe that bigger might be better. People who like it small may have their alternate reasons too, maybe they want something that fits well into their pockets or their small hands and that’s okay because they still have a dozen of phones to choose from. But for the rest considering to go bigger, here are some thoughts that will seal the deal.
Bigger the phone, larger the battery
There’s a reason why an iPhone 6 plus will outlast an iPhone 5S through the day. A larger sized phone has the space to fit in more battery. Of course, with a large screen you will end up using more power anyway but at least you’ll be satisfied knowing you’re spending all that charge on something that gives you more. Also Read: 7 Big Battery Smartphones That Will Last You Through the Long Weekend
Convenience to do more
Nobody ever uses a smartphone for only calls anymore. It’s a multipurpose device used for work and entertainment. A larger screen displays more content and a broader view of whatever’s keeping you hooked. Whether you’re working on an excel or reading an e-book or even taking pictures, having access to wider display is always a boon. Like they say, once you go big you never go back. Give it a shot for a better browsing experience.
Comfort for two-hand usage
There is a depleting cult of one-hand smartphone users but to the rest of us who use both hands together know the benefits. With WhatsApp and other chatting apps, we’re hooked too, having a wider keyboard makes typing much faster and easier. It has been proven that your typing gets more accurate when your fingers are at ease and are not constantly bumping into each other.
Great for gamers
If you like playing games on your phone, a bigger screen gives you a better view and the space to do more with your fingers. Enjoy smartphone games on your big screen smartphone sans the clutter.
Movies and photos look bigger and better too
There’s no arguing that one would rather watch movies on a large screen than a small one for simply one reason—the experience. Similarly, wouldn’t you enjoy browsing through a gallery with large images than minuscule ones where you have to zoom in to look at faces. Experience aside, most big screen smartphones, have better resolution and pixel density. They commonly feature Quad HD displays which give it sharper and crisper visuals. Smartphone size is a trend that keeps changing. Currently, everyone seems to like them big. Nevertheless, when picking your own smartphone, wrap your hands around first to be sure it feels right. If it doesn’t, there are always these pocket-sized smartphones for you.