Deepika Light Layers

Image courtesy Viral Bhayani

Call us jaded, but when it comes to matters of style we are not as star-studded as the rest of our contemporaries. Why, you ask? Because we think there’s more to style than labels and seasonal ‘it’ things. Fashion is, and should always be, about fun and your personality without ever trying to overpower it. We’re great admirers of clothes, shoes and all things shiny. Consequently, we are equally in awe of whoever said clothes, shoes and all things shiny are on—regardless they are on Sonam (Kapoor) or my colleague Shirin. So we did some #StyleStalking around (Thanks for making it so easy, Instagram) and found these five #IRL people who make light layers look like an art form. Jealous much, Deepika? Umi Daga and Hemal Ved, What Wear How “Layer it light and layer it right!” We couldn’t agree more. Akanksha Rendhu More than just functional, this ranks high on fashion scales everywhere. *10 points to Gryffindor!*

Have you seen the latest look on the blog yet? #basics with #boyfriendjeans from @maxfashionindia

A photo posted by Nilu Yuleena Thapa (@bighairloudmouth) on

Nilu Yuleena, Big Hair Loud Mouth #TIL The first step to mastering layering is to get your basics right.

An ode to layering as per usual with @thegluaffair on

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Rhea Gupte, FUSS Homegirl knows how to light layer in humid weather. Without breaking the bank, that too.

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