Stress is a recurring presence in almost all of our lives. Time and again, situations induce an unspoken pressure upon us, which leads to even the best of us buckling down to the heat. While such situations are certainly less than ideal, many of us attempt to respond to these moments in unique ways. Of late, a number of use cases of the ubiquitous smartphone have come to the fore, showing key ways in which technology can help individuals deal with stress. Here, we talk about three such ways, where your own smartphone can be key to reducing stress for you.

Routine & stress relieving apps

App stores on smartphones today have a wide variety of apps that work towards reducing user stress and helping them calm down. One of the best examples of this is ‘Calm’ – an award-winning mobile application that helps you deal with restlessness and anxiety. What’s interesting to note is how apps like these use a mix of traditional techniques, such as stress-relieving sights, colours, audio cues and perceivable clips, and puts all of it in a digital form for you to use.

New-age journaling

One of the best-known techniques of dealing with stress is to put your thoughts down in words. Often, many of us find inhibitions in voicing out our deepest thoughts to those around us in fear of being judged. Surf through app stores to find one of the many thought journaling apps, which has an interface that you really like, and find to be download-worthy. One particularly popular app for its cross platform capabilities is Journey. Not only does this give you a place to voice your thoughts, but also gives you the immunity to ease out your stress by offering neither any judgemental glances and nor pity-ridden unsolicited advice and suggestions.

Understanding the problem

For many, stress may not break them down, but it does alter their entire personality. To ensure that stays in shape, your smartphone today features apps like ‘What’s Up’. The app makes use of cognitive behavioural technology to help users focus on releasing stress, segregating the good from the bad, and even remaining grounded. If this is not exactly what you need, and the screen tires you out, use the screen time limiter on your phones to restrict exactly how much a smartphone can be used.

Image Courtesy: Play Store, Canva