If you think of the worst things that could happen to your smartphone, you’ll easily shudder at the thought of dropping your phone in the bath tub, or more relevantly, getting splashed on during a heavy downpour this season. All your fears are justified, because if your smartphone is not IP certified against water damage, any kind of water exposure will prove to be a disaster. IP stands for International Protection marking, a standard drawn up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Waterproof smartphones have these certifications attached depending on how resistant the phones are to elements like dust particles and water. Most phones are either IP67 or IP68 certified. The first digit stands for dust resistance and the second for water. While not all phones come with this feature, many high-end smartphones are now equipped to handle water damage. Imagine buying a Rs 50,000 phone today, only to drop it in the loo (which happens more often than you’d imagine) and watch it die. More and more phone manufacturers today understand this need and have begun to launch their high-end smartphones with an IP certification. However, most of these phones are flagship devices and are quite expensive. So, the question arises, is it worth spending all that money just so that you don't have to worry about dropping your phone in water? And which are the best waterproof smartphones out there today? We spoke to a few experts who know their smartphones well, and asked these techies to give us an honest opinion about waterproof smartphones. Deepanker verma 2 Deepanker picks smartphones in different price segments, as most of these phones are expensive and not all can afford high-end flagship phones.

Best waterproof smartphones

Moto G5 Plus

This is good for a budget of less than Rs 20,000. I picked it because the phone has water repellent nano-coating that protects against moderate exposure to water. So, this phone can survive accidental spills, splashes or light rain.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This is good for a budget of Rs 50,000 or higher. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a high-end phone with IP ratings to make this phone waterproof. Other specifications of this phone are also very good.


This is also good phone if one’s budget is high but not as high as Rs 50,000. Like the S8, it has an IP rating to safeguard it against water accidents.

How important is it to own a waterproof smartphone?

I personally see this as an important feature to look for in a phone. In entry-level and mid-range phones, this feature is not possible. But for high-end phones, we must always make sure they have high IP ratings. It gives you peace of mind when it is raining outside and you have to go somewhere; after all water-damaged phones cost a lot to repair. Also Read: How To: Take Care of Your Phone This Monsoon   Akshay Agarwal

Best waterproof smartphones

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8

Both the devices are water-resistant and can survive the monsoon season. They can survive water splash, rain or even a dip in the water. Both the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 are flagship devices, they offer great features in addition to being water-resistant. You can use them for clicking impressive pictures or play high-end games on them. The last time I was in Goa, I wanted to click an underwater photo. Guess what? I had the iPhone 7 with me and was able to click the picture without any issues. However, I don't recommend submerging these phones in water intentionally. You can still click amazing photos in the rain without worrying about damaging your smartphone.

How important is it to own a waterproof smartphone?

I personally feel that water resistant phones are better, especially due to the fact that most of the users end up getting their phones wet some way or the other. Whether it is an accidental spill or rain, if your smartphone gets wet, chances are you will lose all your data and have to pay a large sum to get it fixed. So in my opinion, if you are spending money to buy a flagship smartphone make sure it is at least water resistant. Also Read: Your Guide To Staying Waterproof This Monsoon   Pradeep Kumar 2

Best waterproof smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S8+ and LG G6

Both the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and LG G6 have an IP68 rating. IP68 is a pretty good score; even the latest iPhone 7 Plus has IP67. Smartphones like the S8+ are resistant to water for 30 minutes and can be submerged in water of up to 1.5 meters’ depth. This is applicable only for fresh water, so it varies accordingly. I would love to have phones like these during monsoon.

How important is it to own a waterproof smartphone?

I'm a Pixel XL user, I love this smartphone a lot, but it's nowhere close to the ones I mentioned regarding IP rating. Not everybody needs a water-resistant smartphone these days, but it all depends on everyday activities. Of course, if you are going to spend more than Rs 50,000 on a smartphone, then what's wrong in expecting a good water-resistant or waterproof smartphone? Also Read: Colours of the Monsoon: What You Should Be Wearing Right Now Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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