Whether it’s the IPL or the latest Netflix show, everything looks better on a big screen TV. All you need is the wall space and the perfect sale to make it worth your while. This new generation of TVs come not only with a large crystal clear display but with a bunch of other additions like smart features, 4K UHD technology and HDR too. So if you’re still keeping up with an old-school idiot box, here’s a good reason to upgrade to a better television set. Here are 10 best TVs from the Tata CLiQ sale that will be a perfect fit for your space and budget. Also Read: Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Wardrobe With These Colourful Kurtas

Lloyd 50” Full HD LED TV

Lloyd L50FN2 126 cm 50 inches Full HD LED TV Black

Rs: 31,990

This Lloyd TV is an ultra-sleek addition to your living room. It comes with Full HD LED display that gives you crisp and clear visuals. It has two USB and HDMI ports that you can easily connect other devices, including a home theatre system or gaming device to make the most of this wide screen.

Samsung Series 5 49” Full HD Smart TV

Samsung Series 5 49M5570 123cm 49 Full HD Smart TV Black

Rs: 54,990

This new Samsung series of TV is designed to give you the ultimate theatre-like experience with ultra clean viewing, dynamic sound and Purcolour. The Purcolour technology in this TV lets you see all the colours of nature at their best. It also has smart features that let you connect it to the internet.

LG 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV

LG 55UJ632T 139 cm 55 Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV Black

Rs: 69,990

This large screen 55-inch TV is not only packed with smart features but also comes with 4K UHD display. This is the new standard of high definition that gives the TV four times the resolution than that of a Full HD TV, thus giving you flawless picture quality and sharper details.

Samsung 49” Full HD LED TV

Samsung 32K5300 81 Cm 32 inch Full HD Smart Led TV Black

Rs: 51,690

This is a new kind of TV by Samsung. This Joiiii TV has a cool design with just one cord at the back. You can move this TV around as you please, there’ll be no messy wires or air vents that look out of place. It comes with metallic legs that hold up the TV whichever room you move to.

CloudWalker Cloud TV 55” Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

CloudWalker Cloud TV 55SU 139 cm 55 Inches Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV Black

Rs: 38,600

This TV is 55-inches of absolute smartness. It comes with several pre-installed apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar etc. You can also access the app store on the TV and download more. This TV comes with smart search option as well as the C Share option, which allows you to mirror your mobile content on the TV. Moreover, this is also a 4K TV so you can expect great visual clarity.

Samsung 65" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung 65MU7500 1651 cm 65 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Rs: 1,69,190

The term bigger the better holds true for this super large 65-inch TV. It’s not just the size of this TV that’s incredible, this Samsung TV is also a Curved TV that brings to you a unique television experience. Along with that, it also has smart features and a 4K display, making this TV one of the most luxurious gadgets to own.

Panasonic 58” Full HD LED TV

Panasonic TH-58D300DX 147cm 58 Inch Full HD LED TV

Rs: 49,490

This Panasonic TV will be a sleek and stylish addition to your living room. Its 55-inch screen displays sharp and clear visuals at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. It also provides a wide viewing angle so you can enjoy the view from all sides no matter where you sit.

Samsung 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung 55Q7F 1397 55 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Black

Rs: 1,96,366

Here’s another stylish looking slender TV. This 55-inch Samsung TV comes with Q7F technology that delivers phenomenal viewing with more depth. It is a smart TV that also has 4K display. It has 3 USB and 4 HDMI ports so you can connect it to multiple devices.

Samsung 43” Full HD Flat Smart LED TV

Samsung 32K5300 81 Cm 32 inch Full HD Smart Led TV Black

Rs: 40,410

This Samsung 43-inch TV also belongs to the Joiiii series of TVs that are highly portable. This is also a smart TV that lets you connect to the Wi-Fi and stream online content on the wide screen.

LG 43" Full HD LED TV

LG 43LJ525T 108 cm 43 Full HD LED TV Black

Rs: 32,990

This 43-inch TV will stand out pretty well in a small room. It has a big and bright display that enhances colours and gives the visuals more depth and intensity. The TV also uses the IPS panel that’s comforting to the eyes. Also Read: These Air Coolers under Rs 10,000 Are Just What You Need to Survive Summer on a Budget Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com