2015 was the year of wanderlust. Everyone wanted to travel and many life goals were set (and consequently unfulfilled) because people forgot one small detail – traveling the world is an expensive proposition! #WanderlustOrBust Thankfully, you don’t need a bottomless bank balance to see more of the world. Travel shows and documentaries will take you places - they may not be the same as traveling yourself, but some of these make a pretty compelling case. Here’s some of our favourite travel shows from the last few years; we hope you enjoy them as much as we do:  

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Is it any surprise that the bad boy of the cooking world now has his own badass travel show? Anthony Bourdain travels to popular (as well as lesser known) destinations across the world to sample their cuisine, get wasted on their alcohol and soak in the local culture. Bourdain started his world travels with the path breaking TV travel show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. His latest show retains the same air of irreverence and genuine curiosity that propelled him into stardom, while allowing viewers to take a peek at a culture that may have been completely alien to them.  

Rocky and Mayur: Highway On My Plate

Rocky and Mayur have been a staple of Indian television for what seems like forever now. The two friends have made an entire career out of their love for food and their amazing chemistry with each other. The show makes a real effort to showcase the specialties and traditional fare of the different locations they travel to, which gives viewers an authentic experience. Unfortunately, Highway On My Plate was discontinued a few years ago, but the NDTV Good Times channel on Youtube has most of the episodes up so you get your fix of “food quotes” there.  

An Idiot Abroad

The premise is simple – Karl Pilkington, a simple but close-minded Englishman, is surprised by his friends, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (the duo behind hit comedy series, The Office), with a trip around the world to see the Seven Wonders. The show is only 8 episodes long, but it’s one of the funniest things you’ll ever see and gives you a hilarious new perspective on travel. All Karl wants to do is get done with the trip and return home to his native Britain, but he’s constantly thwarted by his two friends who insist that he have as much of the local experience as possible at each stop, often with hilarious results.  

Long Way Round

Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor and his friend, Charlie Boorman, woke up one day and decided to travel from London to New York City. On motorbikes. What’s amazing about this show is that it doesn’t brush over the many real problems that arise when you’re on a trip like this. The two friends fail and encounter various problems along the way – from corrupt border police to being threatened at gunpoint on a deserted road – but they always pick themselves back up and work together to find a solution to their problems. And isn’t that what travel is all about?  


This is the most relatable travel show you’ll ever see. Canadian high-school friends Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach give up their normal lives for a year to travel around the world while accompanied by cameraman Andre Dupuis. The show is considered a cult hit within the realm of travel-based shows, but its real strength comes in making the show more about the journey rather than the destinations. The boys learn more about themselves, and each other, with every episode. If you ever wondered what people mean when they say that travel will change your life, this is the show for you.


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