Summer time comes with a set of good memories. Whether it is hosting an outdoor cocktail party for your friends or enjoying a movie at home with your family, there are a lot of fun activities that the season brings along. But with the fresh blooms and vibrant hues also comes the prickly heat that needs to be tackled the right way. With our curated  range of technology that specializes in beating the worst of summer heat, you can keep all your worries at bay. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to welcome home.

Save space with a Window AC

A window AC needs to be your top priority if you are looking forward to bringing home a cooling specialist that saves space and is super-efficient. Tip - Pick a higher star rating to save energy.

Choose efficiency with a Split AC

Split ACs work efficiently as it comes with multiple smart power saving options like scheduling it to turn off once you’re asleep. Tip - Pick the size of the AC according to the size of your room for a better cooling experience.

Ensure fresh air with a Cooler

Air coolers were one of the earliest cooling technology to be utilized and is still quite a popular option. They add moisture to the air, keeping your room cool and fresh at the same time. Tip - Keep your windows open to ensure good air circulation.

Blend fresh juices with a Juicer

Summer season calls for lots of hydration and fresh fruit intake. With a handy juicer, staying healthy is much more easier. Tip - Carry juices to work or to your gym, especially during summers, for better immunity.

Set a cool ambience with Smart lights

Planning an impromptu get together with friends? Smart lights can change the way your home looks and feels. Tip - Set your lights to a cooler hue for an easy breezy ambience at home.

Upgrade your basics with smart Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are home essentials. With the summer season approaching, it’s time to upgrade your fans. Tip - Use dust-resistant ones to maintain hygiene.

Store your dishes with a spacious Refrigerator

Try out various recipes and enjoy a good meal. With spacious refrigerators, you can now store your dishes and keep them fresh. Tip - Choose a refrigerator with inverter compressor for sustainable usage.

Never run out of ice with Deep Freezers

For the much awaited summer party, make sure you never run of ice. Our range of deep freezers ensures that your drinks remain chilled to keep the celebration going. Tip - Deep freezers best work for food items that require long term storage.

Make your health a priority with Water Purifiers

No matter the season, ensure your family drinks the purest water. Make healthy living a habit and keep illnesses at bay with a water purifier. Tip - Service your water purifiers regularly for maximum efficiency.