It’s official, we’re in the wedding season. It is that time of the year where it seems like everyone you know is getting married – unless you’re getting married, in which case, congratulations! If you’ve been invited to one, then usually you’re in for loads of fun – except for the part where you must get a gift. Among hundreds of guests getting them something, your pick needs to be unique. Gifting electronics is a really good idea for a wedding, especially if you know the type of couple they are. Here are some of our top recommendations for various types of couples.

For the couple that cooks together

Whether they’re a new couple or have known each other for a while, if they love cooking then they’ll always appreciate a brand-new appliance for their kitchen. The Black & Decker OTG makes for a great gift for a wedding, especially if they’re interested in baking.

For the couple that adventures together

If the newlyweds are the outdoorsy kind and love to pack their bags for treks, they’re in for a treat. That’s because you can gift them the Celestron Skymaster Binocular for their next trek to the hills. Who said wedding gifts have to be boring?

For the couple that stays fit together

For the fitness conscious kind, there’s no better gift than something that helps them keep up their fitness regime. That's even more relevant right after a wedding, where diet and exercise go for a toss. This makes a smartwatch like the Forerunner 35 from Garmin a perfect choice.

For the couple that games together

Are the bride and groom hardcore gamers? There could be no better gift than their own PlayStation 4. Don’t forget to give them a pair of controllers too!

For the couple that streams together

For a cinephile pair, having the best living room entertainment setup matters a lot. Gift them a soundbar like a boAt Aavante 1500 to amp-up their movie nights and match days.

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