If you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, don't worry – we’ve got you covered. No matter what interests your friends and family, there’s a shiny, new gadget that will help make this world a better place for them. We rounded up 7 such tech gifts to make your gift hunting a lot easier.

For the Gamer

What to get: Red Dead Redemption 2 
If you know someone who never lets their gaming console out of their sight, rest assured they’ll love to explore the Old Wild West with RDD2. With its stellar storyline and memorable characters, the game is mature, bold and gripping from start to finish. Like this article? Also read: Review: A Week with the Panasonic Seekit

For the Couch Potato

What to get: Google Home Mini 
We all know someone who despises getting work done on their own. And if you’re looking to win them over these holidays, you don’t have a better chance than gifting them a Google Home Mini. This smart speaker controls everything from music to TV streaming, all at the beck and call of your voice!  

For the Audiophile

What to get: Sennheiser BT 4.40 Headphones 
The gift of music is the best of all. These headphones from Sennheiser will be a blessing to someone who wants to indulge in the highs of music.  With its attractive design and great audio performance, the Sennheiser is sure to please. Like this article? Also read: Now & Wow Sale: Wardrobe Essentials For Him Under Rs 2,500

For the Party Animal

What to get: Ultimate Ears WonderBoom 
Some souls just cannot be contained and for good reasons, they shouldn't be. Gift the Ultimate Ears WonderBoom to someone who will enjoy the wonderful 360 sound this speaker has to offer. It's portable, has a solid battery life and is surprisingly loud for a speaker of its size. And look at the graphics on it! Tell me you wouldn't want to turn the speaker on and bust a move?  

For the Shutterbug

What to get: Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera 
Taking pictures on a phone is cool and all, but how about an instant camera? They're in a different league altogether! The pleasure of a picture popping out of the camera the moment you click it is something only a shutterbug would understand. So if you know one you know what you need to gift them this Christmas. Like this article? Also read: Baking Christmas Sweets? These Microwave Ovens Are Up to the Task Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com