We’ve come a long way from storing data on floppy disks and CDs. Today we’ve moved on to using every kind of device from USB drivers to cloud storage, from the ones with few gigabytes of space to others with terabytes worth of memory. It’s all about choosing something based on the size, portability and intention of your use. To help you pick the right one for your needs, here’s the lowdown on all the storage devices that are available to you.
USB and flash drives
SANDISK 32 GB Pen Drive
Also known as thumb drives because of their size, these devices usually use USB 3.0 which can transfer data at an increased rate. They come with a capacity ranging from 2GB to 64GB and are so small and lightweight that you can carry one in your wallet every day for quick transfer of pictures, music and documents. They are also the cheapest kind of storage devices (depending on the size). Also Read: Capacity Check: Get the Power Bank You Need, and Deserve
Portable hard drive
WD Elements 1 TB External Hard Disk
A portable hard drive or a HDD is a palm-sized storage device that can also be carried quite easily (not in your wallet though). They have much more capacity than a USB drive. Usually the capacity ranges from 500GB to 8TB. You can use it as a backup for your computer or store a large bank of movies, music and not worry about insufficient space for a long time. You can connect it to your TV to access movies and music directly.
Internal hard disk
WD Green 1 TB Internal Hard Disk
This is a storage device that’s already built-in your desktops and laptops. These days the capacity ranges from 500GB to 6TB too. If you like all your data sorted together in one gadget, then having more memory is beneficial. You can install an additional internal hard disk to your PC as long there’s space in the CPU box.
Solid state drive
A solid state drive or an SSD is commonly preinstalled in MacBooks and UltraBooks. They also come in a box that’s wired to slot in for a hard drive of a laptop or desktop. It can be used pretty much like a hard drive but unlike it they are smaller, lighter, use less power and are faster too.
External memory card
Samsung EVO 32 GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card
An external memory card holds on to all the additional data in your phone. Their capacity ranges from 4GB to 64GB depending on how much data you prefer to keep at hand in your smartphone. Having additional memory in your phone is beneficial since it gives you the liberty to store as many apps, movies, music, photos etc., and never bother about that annoying “insufficient memory” error. Find more storage devices here. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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