Now more than ever, is an ideal time to spread some cheer and what better way to get yourself a dose of good humour than catching up on stand up comedy. This World Laughter Day, it's time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy a much needed laughter session. With the endless options to choose from on Netflix and Amazon Prime, you may be left confused, but we're here with a list of popular stand up specials to get you started. They'll surely help you laugh your troubles away.

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

In her Netflix debut, Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby talks about her life and growing up gay in the island of Tasmania. In this live comedy performance, Gadsby turns it into a commentary on comedy itself. According to Firstpost, "Nanette is an important, relevant and remarkable show, and an absolute must-watch. This is not stand-up comedy. This is 'standing up'."

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Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

This humorous special on Netflix highlights the joys and sorrows of motherhood with amazing fearless energy. It portrays the various damages that pregnancy and childbirth take on women, their bodies and their minds.

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John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous At Radio City

In this Netflix special, John Mulaney talks about his hilarious take on manners, relationships, religion and more. According to The Atlantic, "It’s a supremely confident hour that touches on many of his usual favourite topics—his conservative Catholic upbringing, his happy life raising an imperious French bulldog with his wife, and various other observational musings."

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Vir Das: Abroad Understanding

From food, politics, globalisation and more, this one hour Netflix special by Vir Das performed in two different cities, New Delhi and New York, should be on your must-watch list.
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Kenny Sebastian: Don't Be That Guy

From everyday life experiences to explaining why he was a former nice guy, Kenny Sebastian cooks up a riot in this hilarious Amazon Prime special. Watch it to drive your troubles away.

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Sapan Verma: Obsessive Comedic Disorder

This Amazon Prime special featuring Sapan Verma, focuses on his everyday life struggles, house hunting, anxiety issues and a throwback to the '90s. You don't want to miss this one.

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Madrasi Da: Aravind SA

In this Amazon Prime special, Aravind SA talks about the stereotypes that surround South Indians, recounts his childhood in Chennai and sheds light on some hilarious life experiences.

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