Our lives are centred around our smartphones now – be it at work or at home. However, the smartphones themselves complete only half the picture, while the rest of the experience is made up of the smartphone accessories you use. They’re the ones that truly determine how easily, and enjoyably, you’ll be able to complete various actions like listening to music, charging your phone, keeping it safe, and more. This makes it really important to have the right ones with you, and we've got that covered. Here are some of the best smartphone accessories you can use with your phone.

A power bank

Your phone running out of juice is one of the worst feelings. A reliable power bank prevents that from happening.

A cover

We won’t blame your heart skipping a beat when your phone slips out of your hand. To make it a stress-free experience, put it in a tough cover or case.

A memory card

With smartphone cameras getting better all the time, the available space for high-quality images and videos is never enough. Get a fast memory card to never run out of storage space on your phone.

A cable

While the stock charging cable that comes with the phone might be great, third-party cables often come with additional reinforcement. You can also get dongles that add functionality to your phone.

A headphone

A good headphone is essential for a good multimedia experience – be it for gaming, music or video content. Wireless headphones have great audio quality and are quite convenient to use.

A charger

If your phone supports wireless charging, you can get yourself a good wireless charger as well as a power bank with the same ability. Additionally, a car charger can fill up your phone’s battery on the go.

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