We all know that smartphones are getting bigger,but have you noticed that they’re getting thinner too? The slim wave has hit the mobile world and we’re not complaining. Much like the new HDTVs, these phones have high-quality wide displays and sleek bodies. Also Read: Large Screen Smartphones for People Who Like It Big There’s no doubt that this slim structure makes for a stunning-looking device. Apart from that,  it also makes it easy to hold in your hand and does not fill up your pocket with an awkward bulge. No wonder, slim phones are getting more popular these days. If you’re looking for a sleek beauty too, here are a few slim phones to pick under Rs 20,000.

Vivo V5 Plus

vivo v5 plus
Launched as a flagship device last year, the Vivo V5 Plus is a premium-looking smartphone with a 7.3mm slim body, designed with metallic finish covering the back and side panel. It has a tall 5.5-inch Full HD display with curved edges and a narrow bezel that adds to its charm.

Nokia 6

nokia 6
Nokia, a brand that most of us would have sworn by a decade ago has made a comeback with a trendy bunch of smartphones and Nokia 6 is one of them. The phone comes with a 5.5-inch LCD display and a thin 7.9mm body. It has sharp edges, a smooth metal exterior and a strikingly clean look that makes this smartphone a stunner.

Moto Z2 Play

Moto z2 play
The Moto Z2 Play is nothing short of a premium phone at a mid-range price. It is slimmer than its predecessor Moto Z. It has a 6mm slim body, minimalistic design and fits comfortably into your hands. Also Read: 10 Affordable & Stylish Bags That Look Expensive

Moto G5S Plus

moto g5s
The Moto G5S Plus is a much better and updated version of the G5 series. It has a 5.5-inch screen and an 8mm body. The phone is a tad heavy at 168g, but that’s justified since this attractive device is an all-in-one unibody metal design with a single slab of glass covering the entire front.

Gionee A1

gionee a1
Keeping up with trends, Gionee A1 features a sleek 8.3mm body with smooth edges that make it comfortable to hold. The phone also features a full metal unibody with a 5.5-inch Full HD display that makes for a good enough phone in terms of design.

Lenovo K8 Note

Lenovo k8 note
The Lenovo K8 Note has a sturdy and premium feel to it, thanks to the Aluminium 6000 material it’s made from. It is a good-looking phone with 5.5-inch display and comfortably slim 8.5mm body that fits well in your hand. Also Read: 5 Super Slim Smartphones Under Rs 15,000 You can find more smartphones here.