It seems like 2020 just started yesterday, yet five percent of the year has already passed. You could either be panicking about all the things you’re yet to start or fondly look at your Google Calendar or Evernote apps and all the progress you’ve made. Either way, the world of productivity apps has more to offer in many unique ways. We’ve curated some special and useful productivity apps for you to get your year planned like a pro. From developing routines to analysing your digital life, let’s check them out.

Ace Your To-Do List with Todoist

To-do list apps are dime a dozen, which makes it even harder to pick one. Todoist stands truly tried and tested, offering features like scheduling & categorising via text, adding subtasks and more.

Todoist makes complex to-do lists easy to manage

Organise Your Tasks With Trello

When it comes to organising your tasks by categories and status, there’s probably nothing better than Trello to do it with. Widely used, the app offers a great number of features and high compatibility with other software.

Quite popular for project management, Trello is quite versatile

Analyse Your Digital Life With RescueTime

The one app to analyse it all is RescueTime. It can collate your desktop and smartphone usage into one interface, showing you exactly how and why you’re productive (or not).

Get a bird's eye view of your digital life with RescueTime

Schedule Round The Clock With Sectograph

Perhaps one of the coolest widgets we’ve seen, Sectograph shows you your day as a pie-chart superimposed on a watch-face. This shows you how you’re spending your day at one glance.

Time management never looked as cool as Sectograph

Develop A Routine With Timetune

One of the best ways to stay productive is by following a routine, and Timetune gets that done in a few easy steps. Set up daily or weekly routines and analyse how you’re spending your time between various activities.

Building and following routines comes naturally with TimeTune

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