There's no dearth of entertainment options available today. From a multitude of streaming services with movies, shows and music, to all the world’s books available to read online – today the problem is of plenty, a problem to discover. We’re not kidding you – this is a well recognised consumer problem that has even had books written on it. However, we’re not here to tell you about the problem. Rather, we have a solution for you.

Curation platforms

When making a choice about something new is difficult, we often ask our friends and colleagues about their recommendations. For consuming content, there are many online platforms that fulfil this role. Either through manual curation by real humans who are experts in the domain, or highly specialised algorithms, these platforms focus on the curation of existing content over highlighting new media. For example, below, we’ve curated some of the best platforms that do these for you.

Discover movies

If you’ve ever spent hours scrolling through the movies section of streaming services, trying to figure out what would be worth spending the next two-three hours on, Mubi will be a lifesaver for you. As a platform, Mubi only hosts cinematic masterpieces that have been appreciated by movie lovers from all over the world. While its catalogue differs from country to country it does add a ‘Film-of-the-day' every day that is available to stream for 30 days. Overall, the focus is to provide a place for movie lovers to come together and enjoy the best in cinema, where quality matters more than quantity.

Discover books

More than a curation platform, Goodreads is a full-fledged social media for books. It hosts a community of book lovers that share reviews, recommendations and more. You can organise your own virtual library, create a wishlist and more. Goodreads also highlights upcoming releases and what’s trending. Based on what you mark as ‘Currently Reading’ and ‘Read’, the platform also shares useful recommendations for you.

Discover music

When it comes to music, every streaming platform prides itself on its own recommendation algorithms. However, none of them are quite as popular as what Spotify does with its Discover Weekly playlist. This playlist on Spotify shows you new tracks on a weekly basis, based on your recent listening behaviour and overall taste. In addition to that, there are helpful tools available like Discover Quickly, which use your data from Spotify and help you discover new music based on your taste in a few clicks.

Discover shows

While most streaming services do a fairly good job of recommending shows for you to watch based on your tastes, sometimes you might want to move beyond that. is a service that does this for you, and it does so especially well if you can integrate it with your media centre or home theater PC. Even if you can’t do that, there’s a dedicated ‘Discover’ section on the platform that highlights trending shows and movies, as well as award winning ones, for you to choose from.

Image courtesy: Canva