There's nothing like an exciting game night to bond with your family. If you're bored of playing the same old board games to kill time, we suggest planning a trivia night with an online quiz to get everyone involved. All you need to do is keep lots of finger foods and drinks on hand, and download the right app. Ahead, we list the best quizzing apps you can look towards for your next game night.

Quiz Up

Quiz Up has been a popular choice among quiz lovers for a long time now. All you have to do is choose your likes and interests, and the app will generate a quiz for you. From general knowledge and current affairs to Harry Potter and Disney movies, this app has a variety of categories to help you customise your experience.

Trivia 360

Get yourself an unlimited dose of the best quizzes with Trivia 360. Super easy to play and understand, this one will sort out your next family trivia night. The content is versatile, and even includes some pictorial challenges and true or false trivia along with questions, so you’ll never be bored.


This one is sure to be a hit with your family. As the name suggests, you must be 94% correct with your answers to earn points in this unique game. Easy and light-hearted, you will be amazed by the level of excitement everyone’s answers will stir up as the game moves forward.

Trivia Crack

Pit family members against each other in this amusing quiz game. You get to choose between a variety of topics—from entertainment to history—to customise your game, and you can even ask multiple-choice questions to get interesting discussions started.


Loco has proved to be a popular live quiz app among people of all age groups. The game has an actual host who asks all the questions, and your family can all login to the app to play simultaneously for maximum fun. The best part? You may end up winning prize money as part of the rewards too.