Between working from home and household chores, there’s a lot to do at home during the ongoing lockdown. Add kids to that mix and the resulting situation becomes even harder to handle. Even the most dedicated parents can find it difficult to keep their children constantly engaged. This is where apps can come to the rescue. There are quite a few apps out there with high-quality content for kids, and we’ve curated a few to make life easier for you.

YouTube Kids

We all know how useful YouTube is for people of all ages. The kid-friendly version features videos especially filtered to be suitable for their viewing. Covering topics like nature, science, learning and more, this one is invaluable for hours of engagement.


There will be times when your kid needs screen time, but you don’t. In such cases, apps like Epic are invaluable. The app comes with a library of over 35,000 children's books, along with a read-to-me feature for kids who’re still learning how to read.


Programming is an invaluable skill in today’s world and there are apps that can introduce it early on to your kids. Lightbot is one such app that takes your kids through the basics of coding and the logic that programmers use, without having to write code.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy is a well-known name in the digital learning spaces. The Kids app is suitable for children aged 2-7 and features educational content on math, reading and socio-emotional skills. The content is mainly in the form of learning videos, helpful exercises and books, and is increasing every day.

What’s in Space?

This one’s for the budding astronomers in our homes. It employs all the audio-visual formats familiar from all kids' apps to focus on teaching children all about the universe beyond our planet. From engaging games about the solar system to helpful narrations about living in outer space, this one’s out of the world.

Image Courtesy: Play Store, Shutterstock