There's nothing better than a well-curated Instagram feed to inspire you to pick up a new skill. For example, a stunning picture of a delicious meal, complemented with a concise recipe in the caption, could convince you to recreate it. If you've been procrastinating entering the kitchen for all these years, a little visual motivation could go a long way in transforming you into the home chef you've always known you could be. To help you out, we scoured through Instagram to list out the best food accounts you must follow if you're a budding home chef. Scroll ahead for our recommendations.

Lapetitchef by Swayampurna Mishra

Warm and full of colour, Mishra’s Instagram page will serve as your daily dose of super delicious recipes that are healthy, filling and ridiculously easy to make. Her recipes range from old-time classics with a spin to global delicacies, that even working parents can easily put together. Not one to follow trends or count calories, she tends to focus on everyday dishes that'll grab the attention of any modern Indian. Join her 43k followers to get inspired to step out of your comfort zone in the kitchen, while being entertained with dinner stories about her kids and anecdotes from her childhood.
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Monsoon Spice by Sia Krishna

Sia Krishna moved to the UK with her family over a decade ago, but her love for Indian food kept her in touch with her roots.  She was born in a quaint Mangalorean town, into a family that, by her admission, loved to eat and talk about food. Yet, it took marriage and a shift to a whole new country for her to take cooking seriously. She started off by trying to perfect a simple pot of rice and rasam, and now, she aces everything from authentic Indian dishes to global fare with equal ease. Monsoon Spice is her food journal where she documents ancestral recipes borrowed from her mother and grandmother, and pens down some of her own creations as well. If you're a novice in the kitchen, you want to follow Krishna's Instagram page; her recipes make Indian food feel less intimidating, easy to cook and healthy at the same time.  
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Playful Cooking by Kankana Saxena

Author of Taste of Eastern India and the creator of her own line of pantry kits, Saxena’s world revolves around food. Even though she grew up in family where everyone knew how to cook amazingly, she never really took any interest in honing her culinary skills until much later in life. When her job took her to various places where she met new people and tasted different cuisines, she knew she was being drawn to cooking. Years later, with a lot of support from her husband and friends, she finally started Playful Cooking. From complex Indian recipes to sumptuous desserts and a variety of healthy, kid-friendly snacks, she features it all on her Instagram feed.

Bake with Shivesh by Shivesh Bhatia

A self-taught baker and food blogger, Bhatia will have you addicted to his Instagram feed in no time. Being an ardent dessert-lover, his experiment with baking started off in college with a batch of vanilla cupcakes. Today, he has 218k followers on Instagram,  a popular blog, a successful YouTube channel and a bestselling book under his name. His Instagram page is short of a dessert lover's dream come true, filled with pictures of indulgent yet healthy cakes, cookies, pancakes, mousses and more. The best part? His easy-to-follow recipes will let you bring those dreams to reality with minimum effort.
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Whisk Affair by Neha Mathur

With a dedicated focus on helping people experience food, Mathur has been listing recipes on her blog for the past eight years now. As a child learning to cook from her parents and as a grown up leaving a career in dentistry to get into creating recipes, her love for cooking and everything related to it has only increased each day. At Whisk Affair, you will not only witness her experiments and innovations in food, but see her exploring new places and trying out fascinating local cuisines. So whether you are exploring your newfound love for cooking or are trying to experiment with your daily meals, her feed is full of vibrant and scrumptious recipes that'll serve as all the inspiration you need.
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Not Out Of The Box by Chandrima Sarkar

A visual designer turned self-taught baker, food photographer and stylist, Chandrima loves combining age-old family recipes with new-age food experiments. On her Instagram page (which boasts over 20k followers), you can find everything from comforting Indian recipes to refreshing drinks and decadent desserts. Born into a Bengali family, she revives authentic dishes from Kolkata from time to time. When she's not trying out something new, you will find her preparing Mughlai biryanis and tandoori chicken, her personal favourites.

The Modern Desi Co by Bhavna

Bhavna resides in Sydney but her heart has always belonged to Mumbai. To make her new life in a different continent as easy as possible post marriage, she surrounded herself with everything that was reminiscent of home. Food was the first on her list, and thus began her journey of recreating authentic desi dishes and rare local delicacies from India. Her Instagram page is a delight to scroll through, featuring a beautiful symphony of her love for Indian culture and her adventures in Australia. From holding classes and hosting dinners to taking catering orders in Sydney, Bhavna has her own way of collecting pieces of India together and presenting it on a plate to the world.
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Saffron Trail by Nandita Iyer

Iyer puts together two of her dearest passion together, cooking and writing, on her blog, The Saffron Trail. After returning from the US to work in Mumbai, her blog proved to be her creative outlet where she could pen down her recipes and food experiences. Eventually when she quit her job, she changed her focus to healthy and nutritious recipes, something she never could follow previously due to her stressful life. With a lot of time in hand now, her passion for healthy cooking took a brand new turn. Today, her blog and Instagram feed is a source of amazing healthy vegetarian recipes for everyone to try out. In addition to being the author of a book, The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, a columnist in the Mint Lounge, she also holds cooking workshops for individuals and corporate groups and continues to inspire her readers with her quick, simple and healthy recipes.
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