Home appliances play an intricate role in our lives today. From our living rooms to our kitchens, a range of devices now fulfil multiple purposes. However, when it comes to innovation in the world of technology, we don’t always think of home appliances as beneficiaries. Dyson has changed that. As an appliance manufacturer, Dyson has always prioritised better design. Beyond an aesthetic difference, this gives their devices an engineering advantage. From air purifiers to hair curlers, there is some design element involved that sets Dyson’s appliances apart. Let’s have a look at some of the best examples and how they’re different.

Dyson Pure TP03 309298-01 Cool Link Tower Air Purifier (White/Silver)

Due to its unique design, the Dyson Pure Cool can circulate air uniformly throughout the room with its 350-degree oscillation. Even the remote has been designed to fit snugly as a magnetic attachment on the device when not in use.

Dyson Pure HP04 244666-01 Hot Plus Cool Air Purifier (White/Silver)

Putting the utility of three devices into one is something that can only be achieved by prioritising design. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier has all the advantages of their purification tech – proper circulation, live reporting etc – along with the heating feature.

Dyson Airwrap 329837-01 Complete Set Hair Styler (Grey/Pink)

Taking the heat out of hairstyling, the Dyson Airwrap uses the Coanda effect to style your hair without harming it. You can style it any way you want with the wide range of accessories available.

Dyson Supersonic 309248-01 1600W Hair Dryer (Fuchsia/Iron)

The Digital Motor V9 onboard the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is more powerful and works faster than an average dryer. In combination with the right accessories for different hair types, this is a truly versatile styling appliance.

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Image Courtesy: Shutterstock