Our body produces Vitamin D as a response to sun exposure. In a country that receives a significant amount of sunlight, it’s quite surprising that a lot of people suffer from its deficiency. This could be because people spend more time indoors, wear sunscreen when out and eat meals that do not include good sources of it. Vitamin D is very important for the regulation and absorption of vital minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphate in our body. Which means, it helps in strengthening our immune, brain and nervous system, promotes development of bones and teeth and protects us from a variety of health conditions like type 1 diabetes. If you are not getting enough sun exposure currently, take a look at Vitamin D rich foods that you can include in your diet on a daily basis to stay healthy and avoid deficiency related disorders.

Drink up a glass of milk everyday

Many nutritionists suggest having a glass of cow milk in the morning to give your Vitamin D intake a boost. If you do not like drinking milk as it is, you can always experiment and add light flavours or pour it in a bowl of oats, cereals etc to make it interesting. Milk is especially important for kids in their growing stage as it helps in calcium regulation for stronger bones.

Whip some fresh yogurt

Along with being protein rich, yogurt also is a good source of Vitamin D. You can have a bowl of fruits and yogurt or just include it in your lunch and dinner to make it tastier. Avoid store brought flavoured ones as they tend to have high sugar content. Instead, try preparing it at home to have it freshly used in your meals.

Add an exotic touch with mushrooms

Mushrooms are exposed to a lot of sunlight while growing which makes them an excellent source of Vitamin D. Choose the sun dried ones or if they aren’t available, you can always dry them in the sun before using them. Mushrooms can be included in everything from salads to spicy veg curries, so you get the best of both heath and taste.

Blend some fresh orange juice

A glass of orange juice is welcome any time in the day. Especially when it is filled with essential nutrients including Vitamin D and C that helps promote good health. Avoid using the store brought ones which contains added preservatives and instead go for the fresh home-made ones.

Experiment with oatmeal

Like all other whole grains, oatmeals are very important to be a part of your every day meals. It’s an excellent source of Vitamin D, along with minerals and complex carbs. Off late, oats are gaining a lot of importance since they can be used in making the healthy version of delicious dishes and desserts.

Grate some extra cheese

Cheese can single-handedly add a fabulous flavour to any dish and we give you one more reason to enjoy it now. Cheese is an amazing source of Vitamin D so making it a part of your breakfast or snacks is after all a good idea. Ricotta cheese is found to have more Vitamin D than all the other kinds.

Get a healthy dose of egg yolks

If you are an egg lover, then here’s some news. Egg is power packed with a lot of nutrients, especially a good dose of Vitamin D. So bid farewell to the egg white craze and instead indulge in the healthiest part of the egg. Start off with the classic sunny side up as part of your breakfast.