Mankind has always measured progress in terms of numbers. “If we’re saving more lives today than we did yesterday, we’ve progressed.” Getting numbers into the equation forms the basis of understanding how things have changed over the years. When it comes to fitness, things are no different - thanks to the fitness tracker. There are wearable fitness trackers trackers for multiple types of workouts available today. Depending on the features they offer, they tend to lean towards greater efficiency or satisfaction in particular types of workouts. For instance, there are wrist-based fitness trackers for running that come with GPS for you to track your exact route and speed. On the other hand, if you're an avid swimmer, you'd need a fitness tracker that can withstand multiple laps in water and be able to track strokes. Quite a few trackers even analyse your performance and offer their own suggestions towards your benchmarks. Depending on which sport or workout you prefer, there are particular trackers you can get that will serve your purpose better. Here are our best picks across categories.

For the swimmers: Fitbit Charge 3  

With being waterproof up to a depth of 50 metres, the Charge 3 makes for a great swimming companion. Its SmartTrack feature automatically recognises when you’re swimming and can record swim lengths, duration, distance and pace. You can also feed in the pool length in the application to get more accurate results. When you’re not swimming, the Charge 3 takes good care of all that you might expect from a good fitness tracker too.

For the casual walkers - Mi Band 3

If you’re looking for an affordable tracker that can help you track runs and jogs, the Mi Band 3 is a perfect choice. It is fairly accurate in tracking runs and is also capable of tracking a host of other activities. It has a highly visible OLED screen and is also capable of tracking heart rate and sleep.

For coaching - Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch is the best combination of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch out there. So if you own an iPhone, you should definitely consider getting one. Apple’s Activity application is a great way to meet your daily fitness targets. Also, with great support for 3rd party applications, there are plenty of applications available to coach you through routines.

For tracking everything in between - Garmin Vivoactive 3

If you’re looking for an activity tracker that keeps a tab on just about everything you do, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 tracker is all that you need. Known for making accurate fitness trackers, the Vivoactive 3 also tracks sports like golf, yoga and stand-up paddleboarding that not a lot of trackers can boast of doing. The Vivoactive 3 Music is also capable of storing songs on it from streaming services like Spotify so that you can directly connect your Bluetooth earphones to the watch and enjoy listening to music without your phone.

For the cyclists - Garmin Edge 520

While it isn’t a wearable, the Garmin Edge 520 is the perfect device if you’re looking to invest in a cycling GPS computer. The Edge 520 is a successor to the highly-successful Edge 500 and offers a lot more. With the 520 you can track a huge choice of data readings like distance, speed, heart rate, elevation amongst others. You also have access to training metrics like the percentage of time spent in training zones, normalised power etc. With seamless connectivity and transfer of data to your smartphone, the Edge 520 is one of the best options out there to track cycling data.

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