The rainy weather can undoubtedly be funfilled when you enjoy it from the comfort of your home. But, if you've ever got caught in a sudden heavy downpour halfway through your commute when you're unprepared, you know how dreadful it can be. The feeling of soaking wet jeans or a knitted dress against your skin can be quite uncomfortable. It can also be a reason for you to fall ill. To avoid this, we recommend a few monsoon friendly fabrics that will not only help you dry off quickly but that also guarantee a stylish look. While cotton and linen fabrics are comfortable and breathable, they're not the most friendly options for the monsoon. Instead, choose fabrics that are light, repel water and dry out quickly. Ahead, read more about monsoon appropriate fabrics and have a look at our stylish recommendations for your wardrobe. However do keep in mind, though these fabrics may be water-resistant, they aren't the same as being waterproof and so, it's always best to layer on a raincoat, umbrella and other rain gear to stay dry.


Polyester is considered to be one of the most common water-resistant fabrics. It's light, airy and is sure to dry off quickly. There are also a large variety of brands that use polyester in their clothing. From dresses, skirts and more, you'll find it easy to stock up your wardrobe with this fabric.


Though nylon is one of the least-preferred fabrics for the summer season, it becomes an ideal pick for a rainy day. Loose dresses or tops made from these fabrics are a monsoon must-have as they keep you comfortable and take minimum time to dry off.


Crepe fabric is another brilliant pick for the season. It is known for its moisture-wicking ability and quick-drying feature. If you're someone who enjoys wearing sarees or if you have a festive ceremony to attend, a crepe saree is your go-to choice for a rainy day.


Choosing shirts and blouses made from rayon is a smart choice for the monsoons. It's water-resistant and also one of the best wrinkle-free fabrics which are ideal for your work wardrobe.