An Indian wedding is serious business –for the groom, definitely – but even for the guest. As sartorial stakes rise, when it comes to formal dressing, accessories maketh a man. Here are some tasteful additions for your wardrobe.

The Bow-tie

Hugo Boss bow tie
You can’t go wrong with a classic black bow-tie, it’s very James Bond-meets-Saif Ali Khan. You can’t go wrong with this when you’re dressed in a sleek black tux for a pre-wedding cocktail party or even the reception. Commit to character and keep ordering martinis through the night—shaken, not stirred.

The Tie

Hugo Boss tie
If you’d rather play it safe, a classic charcoal suit goes well with a contrasting bold tie. Let it be the focal point of your ensemble, so find a demure pattern in a striking jewel tone to hit the right equilibrium.

The Pocket Square

Hugo Boss pocket square
Your bandhgala jacket will look that much better with a pocket square to accessorise it. Prints go well with solid colours and deep jewel tones are great for festive occasions. Also note that mastering the art of the puff fold takes time, patience and the kind of dexterity you’re not used to in daily life. And if you must wear a pocket square with a tie, never match them.

Cuff links

Hugo Boss cufflinks
Cuff links speak of a man’s character in ways his last entrepreneurial stint cannot; it is a dead giveaway of your taste and personality. While there is always a time and place for quirkiness (bulldog-shaped cufflinks, anyone?) keep it simple for weddings. Square-shaped cuff links are always a win, so if everything else fails, stick to this tried and tested formula.


Belts come with the territory, especially when the dress code is formal. Get this wrong and it might just end up clashing with the suit you are wearing. Bear in mind to always match the colour of your belt to your shoes. Also, a belt that's wider than 1 ¼-inches or a buckle that's too big is an absolute no. Go for a classic calfskin leather belt with a simple, sleek heel bar buckle.