If you're used to going to the gym, or having an instructor besides you to motivate you, working out from home can be quite the challenge. However, thanks to the internet, you can easily find ways to get those endorphins running in the confines of your home. There are loads of dance workouts that not only make sure you burn as many calories as possible, but also guarantee you have a good time while doing so, such as zumba, latin dance or even bhangra. To get you started, we've compiled a list of seven YouTube dance workouts you can try for each day of the week. Scroll ahead to check them out.

Zumba Mondays

It's time for you to start off the week with a burst of energy. This zumba workout by Popsugar Fitness will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. It includes high intensity cardio and muscle conditioning.

Latin Tuesdays

This 30 minute dance routine will make you learn a new dance style while you burn calories. It's the perfect blend of cardio and muscle conditioning.

Bollywood Wednesdays

This power packed Bollywood dance workout by Bombay Jam is surely going to make you feel the burn. It includes cardio, musle toning and some amazing Bollywood moves you ought to learn.

Tabata Thursdays

A popular workout at the moment, Tabata includes variations of high intensity interval training. It consists of eight rounds of an exercise in a 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off split. This workout is challenging and will add fun to your muscle toning and conditioning routine.

Bhangra Fridays

It's time to get that weekend mood on with this exciting bhangra dance workout. It may look easy but you need to give it a try to check it out for yourself.

HIIT Cardio Saturdays

It's time on work on that stamina with this 15 minute HIIT cardio dance session. It's quick, intense and will surely help you burn loads of calories.

Yoga and Dance Sundays

Fem Fusion Fitness has introduced the concept of Foga (fitness plus yoga) in a 30 minute dance workout. This low impact workout is perfect for your Sunday routine. It focuses on easy cardio moves and stretches, and is great for heart and joint health.   Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock