If you’re running out ways to spend time during the lockdown, you’re not alone. In this situation, it is time to find new things to do, even if that means travelling all the way back to our childhood preferences. We’re talking about colouring, which has been proven to relieve stress and promote creativity. If you like the idea, we’ve curated some digital colouring apps that can be a great way to pass time.


Packing a vast array of designs and colouring tools to choose from, Pigment can have you engaged for hours. You can also import artwork you have already created for a highly customised experience.


Quite popular as an option, Colorfy comes with a huge collection of designs. Along with new content being added weekly, another great feature is the Augmented Reality function which shows your artwork in the real world around you.


If you want to take your colouring experience into three dimensions, Recolor is the app for you. In addition to that, the Live Colors painting brush transforms the colours you paint via animation.

Color By Number

While the colouring by number system might feel limiting to many, it is perfect for those looking for an easier way to get into the adult colouring scene. The Color By Number app adds new content every day.


Unlike many other alternatives, the Colorfit app groups its designs by topics like animals, mandalas, gardens and other overarching themes. While it also has a great drawing app, the colouring app is one that you should consider.


Low-resolution polygon art is what this app is all about. At its core, it is a colour by number app, with all designs in the polygon form. There are various categories on offer, and you can share the video of your colouring process once the design is completed. Image Courtesy: Play Store; Shutterstock