We live in a time where firing up an app helps you control your mind and emotions. Thanks to the digital boom, the world is coming closer each day. Which means, sitting in the comfort of your home and taking sessions from an expert yogi or reaching out to a therapist during a panic attack, has become a norm. And what helps you with all this? These feature-rich, high-end apps that have taken tech therapy to a whole new level. A few years ago this would have been perceived as a distant dream. But now it’s a reality that has been helping millions of people across the world with their stress related issues.

Calming apps are helpful for people across all age groups. Whether you are a working professional who spends a lot of time in front of your laptop or if you are someone who experiences anxiety issues, there is an app for everyone who wants to live a healthy, happy life. With more and more people tackling stress daily, the importance of calming apps is seeing an all-time high. Being affordable, always available and the accessibility to expert tips, exercises and counselling are some of the key reasons why calming apps have become popular. To help you choose the right one for yourself, we put together a list of the best ones.


Practice the life-changing skill of meditation with the Mindfulness app. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, this app introduces you to professional guided meditation with daily timed sessions and natural sounds that help you calm your mind. It also sends notifications to help you stay mindful and relaxed all through the day.


Overcome your negative thoughts with the Happify app. Leading scientists and experts have put together activities and programs that help reduces stress, create an optimistic mindset and build greater resilience. If you have been struggling with daily challenges around toxic work or personal relations that are affecting your emotional and physical well-being, Happify will help you overcome those successfully.

Alto’s Odyssey

Take an exciting, lush and poetic adventure with Alto’s Odyssey. A game that has become popular as a stress-reliever with its beautiful visuals and calming music. Sandboard through breathtaking landscapes that lets you soar over dunes, traverse canyons and explore temples while you discover many other mysteries of a desert that will take you far away from your worries and stress.


The Calm app helps you unwind with soothing music and stories along with breathing and meditation techniques that helps you experience restful, deep sleep and better inter-personal relations. Whether its daily stress or anxiety issues, Calm's meditation programs are designed to bring holistic wellness into your life.


From intricate mandalas to cartoons, graphics and patterns, paint to let go of anxiety and worries with this addictive colouring book app. Colorfy lets you give life to designs with bright colours and bid goodbye to stressful days with its features. Designed to bring peace and calmness, the app has range of pictures that you can colour and re-colour every day that improves concentration, colouring skills, accuracy and precision to painting.


Headspace is yet another popular calming apps that helps you embrace sound sleep and a stress-free life with its carefully put together breathing and meditation programs. The app promises to help improve your productivity, focus and efficiency with its features. With Headspace, choose a to train your mind and body to live a healthier, happier and stress-free life.


Rootd is a female led app that is dedicated to help you win the war against panic attacks and anxiety. The app with it’s proven lessons, panic button, breathing tool, and exercises helps you take charge of your life and deal with unwanted stress. With its path-breaking features, Rootd strives to break the stigma around panic and anxiety affected people, while helping them regain confidence and lead a healthy life.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Make healthy living a habit with the Yoga Studio app that lets you practice yoga within the comfort of your home. HD videos from yoga experts help you relieve body pains, release stress and improve flexibility with its sun salutations, yoga asanas and relaxation techniques.

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