If you’ve had that Samsung Galaxy S7 in your cart for the longest time, this is the perfect time to finally hit the shop button. In fact, it is a great week to buy any Samsung gadget, right from a quantum display TV to an inverter AC. As brand of the week on TataCLiQ.com, Samsung has more than just great discounts for you. What could be better than a good discount when shopping online, you’d wonder? Turns out there can be quite a few, and this week, we’re going to change the way you shop online; here’s how. Also Read: 7 Celeb Cake Makers Who Create Works of Art

Get 24-hour delivery

Are you in dire need of an washing machine? Buy it right now for assured delivery tomorrow.  You’re also being offered 48-hour installation of gadgets, so, your washing machine will be up and running before you have another pile of rain-soaked clothes heaping up. Benefits of this Phygital service extend to giving shoppers an offline experience when shopping online.

CLiQ online, PiQ at the store

With the CLiQ AND PiQ option you can click online and pick-up a product at the nearest store. This means you can choose a gadget like a microwave for the features it has to offer, then go to your closest store to check it out at your convenience and then purchase it after you feel content with your buy. Also Read: Our Fashion Team PiQs Their Favourite Pieces from Westside

Get your gadget directly from the brand store

The next time you buy a Samsung mobile, you don't have to worry about receiving a block or brick. Get all your Samsung gadgets delivered to you directly from the brand store, eliminating all risks of being stranded with a fake.

Score an exchange offer too

Upgrade your old washing machine for a Samsung one that comes with a dryer, perfect for this season. Or how about a waterproof Samsung Galaxy S7 that won't get washed up with a few splashes? Give away your old gadget for a Samsung one and score a sweet exchange offer of up to Rs 10,000. Still need a better reason to shop for a Samsung this week? Also Read: How to Make Your Home Monsoon-Ready In 24 Hours



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