It’s been a relatively quiet month for Bollywood so far, so film studios have swung into gear and have already begun releasing songs from films they have lined up for April and beyond. As for songs released last month, the most popular ones got an official music video and were granted a fresh lease of life as they climbed to the top of the charts. We’re sure that we’ll be hearing at least a few of these songs at every nightclub’s Bollywood Night and at every wedding for months to come. Some songs felt new and fresh, some old in their sensibilities, while quite a few were a combination of the two – yes, Bollywood still hasn’t shaken off their classic song remix bug. In case you missed any of the month’s most popular songs, we’ve put the best of them together in one handy playlist so you can get grooving in no time at all. 

Tera Junoon, Machine

Kuch Parbat Hilaayein, Poorna

Cheez Badi, Machine

Gulabi 2.0, Noor

Prem Mein Tohre, Begum Jaan

Dil Hua Besharam, Naam Shabana

Dheemi, Trapped

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