Summer is here and you will want to grab your friends and head on down to the beach or the swimming pool. Problem is, it's no fun chilling out without some pumpin’ beats to jam to. Fortunately, Bluetooth speakers are getting smaller and better, with some bassy enough to actually fill a small room with great sound. Here are some of the best we have encountered.  
JBL Go speakers
Compact enough to place anywhere, JBL’s mini GO speaker just hits the right notes in terms of style, colour and sound quality. Not to mention, it fits into your pocket and any small pouch in your bag.  
Ultimate Ears Boom 2
Ultimate Ears Boom 2 | Que Mag
Available in a host of colours, this attractive looking Bluetooth speaker from Logitech is stain-resistant, shock-resistant and fully waterproof too. It has a strong battery life of 15 hours and can be also paired with a second UE speaker for stereo sound.  
JBL Pulse 2
JBL Pulse 2
Now this one’s a winner all around. From its pumping 12W RMS sound to its dual drivers, the JBL Pulse 2 has got an entire disco on the front. An epic LED light show that pulses according to the music. While they are expensive, you can get two of them and pair them as left and right channel, then use them with your computer. Place them behind your screen to watch the pulse reflect off the wall.  
Circle Muze
An affordable version of the JBL Pulse, Circle's Muze has five multi-colored LED themes, at a much more accessible price. With loud sound, that is pretty decent, this is the best way to get that light action on the cheap.  
Ultimate Ears Roll
UE Roll
This cylindrical shaped Bluetooth speaker is compact and has a 65-foot wireless range. It is also waterproof, which means you can place it in your shower without bothering about burning off the fuse of this device. It is also quite sturdy and comes in six different colours.  
Altec Lansing Orbit IMW355
Altec Lansing Orbit IMW355
Although small and lightweight, this Bluetooth speaker offers rich and high-quality sound. It has a rugged rubberized exterior that protects it from damage. You can connect with all kinds of smartphone and enjoy music for up to five hours before plugging it to charge.  
JBL Flip 3
JBL Flip 3 | Que Mag
Place it horizontally or vertically, this highly portable Bluetooth speaker is surprisingly loud and good for its size. It is also splash proof and has a battery life up to 10 hours. If you use this speaker along with the JBL Connect app, you can also wirelessly link multiple Flip 3 speakers.
Harman Kardon Esquire Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Harman Kardon Esquire Mini Bluetooth Speaker Gold
At only 6 inches long and 3 inches wide, this Bluetooth speaker is small enough to carry around in your handbag. It has about 8 hours of battery life and decent quality sound for something this small in size.
LG NP5550 Bluetooth Speaker
LG NP5550 Bluetooth Speaker Red
This Bluetooth speaker is like a portable part box that offers you crisp and rich sound. It has a 12 hour playback time and needs only about two and half hours of charging before it’s ready to liven up the party again. To keep your hardware updated with the latest firmware, you can also install software to the speaker using a Smart device wirelessly.
Sony SRS-X11 RC Bluetooth Speaker
Sony SRS-X11 RC Bluetooth Speaker Blue
This one’s another small sized speaker with outstanding sound quality. It is compact, attractive and can offer you 12 hours of battery life. What more do you need?  
Logitech X50
Logitech X50
This mini wireless speaker is affordable, mini sized and features good quality sound. It claims that it can play music from a paired device up to 30 feet away! It also claims battery life of about five hours before you need to plug it in. Now that you've made up your mind on what Bluetooth speaker appeal to you, here's a playlist to go with it. Cover Image Courtesy:; Image via

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