Augmented reality is no longer a new piece of technology, but it still remains novel in terms of the experience that it offers. Primarily conceived as a utilitarian feature, AR has now evolved into a complete suite of services, offering fun apps and games as well as smart information services that can be accessed directly from the comfort of your smartphone. With both iOS and Android now hosting a bunch of AR apps that cover a host of different topics, we decided to take a look at the most fun ways in which you can use AR on your phones.

Pokemon Go

One of the most popular augmented reality games of all time, Pokemon Go overlays a map filled with fictional, mythical creatures all over the real world. At its peak popularity, the game had millions all over the world running around to catch elusive Pokemon, level up and hunt for legendary ones, so much so that police forces in various nations had to issue advisories against entering forbidden areas, and developers Niantic issued a ban on playing the game while driving. However, it continues to be fairly popular even today, and is one of the best implementations of AR in a smartphone game right now.

Google Lens

When it comes to exploring the real world, Google Lens is about as good an AR app as it gets. Using the company’s ARcore engine, Lens lets you point at an object or a place, and in return gives you details about, say, how a restaurant is rated, or general information about a flower that you may have had no idea about. Not only is it informative, but also makes for a very entertaining pastime.


Ever thought about getting a tattoo done, but refrained because you weren’t quite sure how it would look? That’s exactly what Inkhunter is for. It is a free to use AR apps that is also among the most useful around. Through Inkhunter, you can draw or upload your own tattoo, or simply select from a bunch of preset designs, and point it to a part of your body where you’d want the tattoo to be. It also has a neat 3D integration that makes it not just fun, but actually very useful to have.

Just a Line

Saw those fancy doodles made by artists on real life photos and wondered if you could do it too? Turns out, you actually can. Just a Line is a little known Google app that lets you import real world photos and videos, and use just your fingers to doodle your heart out. The app processes the rest, giving you a wonderful experience of just how good AR can be.

YouCam Makeup

Like Inkhunter, YouCam is also highly utilitarian. The app loads a host of preset makeup options from brands such as L’Oreal, Maybelline and more, and integrates with your front camera to show you exactly how you would look in a particular shade of lip gloss. A makeup app that lets you try on makeup without bothering your skin? Very, very useful.

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock ; Play Store