The higher the mercury rises, the lower the thermostat goes. Yet an air conditioner isn't the only machine that can save your from the heat. While air conditioners are more expensive to buy and use, there is a gadget that promises cooling at a more reasonable price. Air coolers give you just the right amount of cooling to survive a hot day. They are cheaper to buy and can keep your electricity bills low. If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat at an affordable price, check out these best air coolers during the CLiQ to Cool Sale. Also Read: Ask Me: How To Put Together An All-White Outfit This Season

Voltas 55 Litres Desert Cooler

Voltas VM-D55MW 55 Litres Desert Cooler White
This Voltas air cooler is a desert cooler, which is also known as an evaporative cooler. It takes in the hot air from outside and passes it through the water-cooled pads inside the machine. This lowers the temperature of the air by a few degrees and lets out cool air into the room. The desert air cooler is one of the best air coolers to combat serious heat.

Voltas 25 Litres Tower Cooler

Voltas VM T25MH 25 Litres Tower Cooler WhiteBlack
A tower air cooler is a vertical air cooler that doesn’t take a lot of floor space. The sleek and compact design makes it an aesthetic match for your room. It has a 25-litre water tank that’s good enough to keep the air cool for hours and it runs on three speed settings for your convenience.

Voltas 60 Litres Desert Cooler

Voltas VE-D60MH 60 Litres Desert Cooler White
This is a large air cooler with a 60-litre water capacity. It is a good air cooler to buy if you have a medium-to-large size room. Since it is portable, you can move it around from room to room to cool you down.

Voltas 40 Litre Window Air Cooler

Voltas VB W40MH 40 Litre Window Air Cooler White
A portable air cooler needs open windows around to keep the airflow moving. The window air cooler on the other hand is mounted over the window, like a window AC. This gives it access to the outside air without having to keep the windows open. This solves your problem if you need to keep your windows shut all day due to pollution or mosquitos.

Voltas 50L 220 Watts Window Cooler

Voltas VA-W50MW 50L 220 Watts Window Cooler White
This window air cooler price is much lesser than a window air conditioner. It has a 50-litre large water tank and ensures it distributes air evenly throughout the room. The strong blower function allows it to throw air to up to 35 ft.

Symphony 55 L Air Cooler

Symphony Touch 55 55 L Air Cooler White
This Symphony air cooler can regulate the temperature in your room to create a soothing environment. It has an efficient motor that makes it a power-saving air cooler. Additionally, it has six aspen cooling pads that are easy to clean and cheap when they require replacement.

Bajaj 67 L Air Cooler

Bajaj Glacier DC2016 Air Cooler White
This Bajaj air cooler has a 67-litre water tank capacity that can cool even large rooms of up to 800 sqft. It is made with thermoplastic material that is corrosion-free, making it ideal if you live in coastal areas.

Voltas 45L Desert Cooler

Voltas VI-D45MW 45L 120 Watts Desert Cooler White
Like most air coolers, this desert air cooler is capable of cooling an entire room of up to 350 sqft. In addition to that it also runs on an inverter that ensures the cooling never stops even during those power cuts that are common in summer.

Bajaj 34 L Air Cooler

Bajaj TC2007 Glacier Air Cooler White
This is an air cooler with humidity control. It is also made of thermoplastic material, which makes it all the more perfect if you live in humid coastal areas.

Symphony 9L Room Cooler

Symphony Silver I 9L Room Cooler White
This Symphony air cooler is small and perfect for personal use. If you live alone and need to only keep yourself cool, check out this room cooler. Also Read: All You Need To Know Before You Buy an Air Cooler Find more air coolers here Cover Image Courtesy: