Daddy issues shook the fitness fraternity last year when many women admitted to their strong kink for dad-shaped bods. Abs and chiselled jawlines took a backseat as beer bellies became the new sexy. It’s been a fun ride for the naturally shaped men for being accepted for all their chubs and tubs but wouldn’t you want to go from Leonardo DiCaprio to Leonidas at some point? Getting in shape is also a step into getting healthy and beating health problems like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease that have all been linked to being unfit. So quit leaving your imprints on the couch and find a sweeter spot being fit. Here are a few quick activities you can take up that will help you burn 500 calories at a time. Like this article? Also read: Aamir Khan’s Dangal Workout Regimen


It’s better than walking and not as tiring as running, and jogging is the middle man between the two that will help burn fat. This is a cardio session which will also assist in strengthening your core muscles and build stamina. If you maintain a 10 km per hour pace, you can burn over 500 calories in an hour.


Soccer dads have always been in the league of cool and fit dads because of the sport they play. Spending even two days a week with the boys at the field will help your drop a few pounds easily. Ninety minutes of chasing a ball will contribute to burning anywhere between 500 to 900 calories

Taking the stairs

When you want to burn 500 calories in an hour, you’ll need to climb stairs as a form of workout rather than just as an elevator replacement. The climbing motion works on your lower body, firming your glutes. It is also a form of good cardio. You can turn it up a notch by running and taking two steps at a time. It’s perfect for a rainy day when you can’t head out for a jog or a football match. Like this article? Also read: Active wear to hit those fitness resolutions in


While most calorie-burning exercises will put a lot of impact on your joints, swimming is the only one that will work your muscles without straining them. Get into a pool and swim a couple of laps and notice how tired you get. When you swim, you burn not only calories but also exercise your whole body. The water will help keep you cool and relaxed. An hour of dedicated swimming can help you burn 500 to 800 calories.


Running is one of the most effective workouts when you’re looking to cut a few pounds. This calorie-burning cardio exercise works out your quads, calves, hamstrings and abs too. Running also helps you build stamina. A good 8 to 10km run daily will help you burn 500 calories. Taking up any one or rotating between all these activities will help you cut calories, build stamina and stay healthy. To make sure you achieve your calorie count every single day, equip yourself with a fitness tracker. This will not only tell you how much calories you burnt but will also tell you how many steps you take, the distance you cover and your heart rate and sleep patterns. This Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to get started on your anti-dad bod body. Whether it’s you or your dad that needs the workout, remember you’re just a fitness tracker and 500 calories a day away from being a fit dad. Like this article? Also read: Can Fitness Apps Replace Your Need for A Fitness Tracker? Cover Image via

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