It’s Movember, and men are encouraged to put down their razor and sport some bold facial whiskers to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. If you’ve joined this brigade too, by now your facial hair should be shaping up from a stubble to a grizzlier beard. So pull out those styling tools because it’s time to make the most of your shaving sabbatical and give yourself a beard that best suits your face type.

Square Face

square face A square face is defined by its strong jawline and hairline. This face appears to form hard angles and a naturally broader hairline that makes the face look wider. That is why a square face looks best with more hair on the chin and less on the sides and neck. If you have a square face, your focus should be to keep the hair from being too full on the cheeks and sideburns as it can look blocky. Trimming the neck occasionally can help keep it looking nice and tidy. The best beard styles for this face type could be anything from a full goatee to a chin strap, which includes the Anchor Beard and the Balbo Beard. Also Read: Grooming Gadgets for Every Kind of Beard

Round Face

round face A round face has a softer jaw line with no relatively pointed edges and a certain roundness from the forehead to the ears. Men with round face should go short on the sides and longer on the bottom. The best styles for this face type is a goatee or chin strap too, but one can go longer on the bottom by going for a Dutch/Garibaldi beard. Just remember to keep the burns and cheeks in checks and the bottom maintained.

Oval Face

Oval face An oval face is round at the top and the bottom but slightly longer with not too much of a defined jaw line. Luckily for this face type, it can carry off many beard shapes as long as you keep it well-maintained. Whether you’re pulling off a 5 o’clock shadow or a full beard, it is important that you keep your facial hair tidy and try to be as consistent so that you don’t have stray whiskers bursting out. Also Read: Do It Better than A Celeb: In Jeans

Heart Shaped Face

heart shaped face Heard shaped faces have a wider forehead and cheekbones while the chins are narrower. Such faces are small and tend to look smaller when covered by a full beard. The goal is to balance the top and the bottom. To do so, opt for a stylish stubble on the sides with some more length on the chin and moustache area that will make your beard look wholesome without overpowering your natural bone structure. Now that you’ve figured the right beard for your face, stock up on some styling tools from below to help you get that perfect look. You can now bring a smile to the faces of underprivileged children suffering from cancer. Just shop on Tata CLiQ and we will donate a part of the amount to provide life-saving nutrition to these little ones. You can also share the love by writing something special for these kids with #CLiQToCare. @CuddlesFoundation

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