Getting your smartphone battery to last through the end of the day is a struggle we all know too well. There are a bunch of hacks you can use to save your battery juice so that you don’t have to stay plugged in to a charging point. But all these hacks need you to manually analyse and control your settings. However, there are a few apps that can aid your battery woes without any assistance from you. They monitor your phone, kill background apps and improve your battery life. With our extensive smartphone usage, it’s almost a must that we own at least one such battery-saving app.

DU Battery Saver

du One of the most popular Android battery-saving apps, the DU Battery Saver has a bunch of useful features. It has preset power management modes like Long Standby, General Mode, and Sleep Mode. In addition to these, you can also customise your own mode for your smartphone. It has a one tap Optimise button that shuts down battery consuming apps and processes that run in the background unnecessarily. The live-monitor tab of this app give you a real-time overview of your system resources and running processes. Download here

Battery Doctor

battery doctor 1 Battery Doctor not only kills background apps to save battery but also speeds up your device. It can automatically scale your battery levels and tell you how much battery is left and how long it will last you. It also notifies you about unneeded apps and tasks that you can kill to avoid battery drainage. Download here

Juice Defender

juice defenders This app lets you manage power based on your own preferences or through its preset profiles. It can automatically manage power-draining features of your phone such as brightness, Wi-Fi, mobile data etc. to save some battery. It has an intuitive layout that manages your phones and yet it is fully customisable to enable or disable app connectivity or toggle with other settings. Download here Also Read: 7 Big Battery Smartphones That Will Last You Through the Long Weekend

GO Battery Saver

go battery saver This app brings to you an easy-to-use UI and a handy widget for your home screen. Some of the notable features of this app are power-saving mode, smart saving, power testing, toggle control, etc. It also has a one click ‘optimise’ option. It can accurately estimate how much battery you have and how it can be extended by shutting down certain features. Download here

Avast Battery Saver

avast battery saver This battery-saving app boosts your battery life by stopping unneeded apps and optimising your device. It can save up to 20 percent of your power. It can also analyse and estimate how much time you have on your battery so you can plan to get it charged appropriately. It also has 5 preset profiles like Smart, Home, Work, Night, and Emergency that tweaks with your phone’s settings accordingly. The app also sends you alerts to switch to certain profiles based on how much battery you have and your activity level. Download here Images via Play Store