If you call yourself a Batman fan, you should know about the Batmen of All Nations. And if you don’t, we’re going to be nice this AM and tell you everything you need to know. 1. Batmen of All Nationsis one of the oldest comic book series out there. It first appeared in January 1955 as part of Detective Comics under DC Comics. Since then, the comic book franchise has been renamed International Club of Heroes. Recently, it changed to Dome. 2. The series may been inspired by Batman, but ever since it was rebooted to Dome they've been inspired by, and modeled themselves after the Justice Society of America. 3. The group banded together under the moniker of Batman after news of the real caped crusader’s fight against crime in Gotham City spread across the world. These vigilantes took up arms in their respective hometowns and were invited by the original Batman to meet in Gotham City. 4. Some of the most prominent members of Batmen of All Nations include Native American Man-of-Bats and his sidekick Little Raven, The Knight and his sidekick The Squire from England, El Gaucho from Argentina, The Musketeer from France, The Legionary from Italy, Wingman from Sweden, and The Ranger and his sidekick The Scout from Australia.

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5. The group’s most recognised names became Man-of-Bats (for bearing the closest resemblance to Batman), El Gaucho (for his antics to imitate The Dark Knight and his hot-headedness), and The Knight and The Squire (for their quintessentially English way of dealing with crime). 6. What happened to these Batman-inspired impersonators in all these years? Well, Gaucho is still as hot as a volcano, The Knight and The Squire retain their English roots, Musketeer has killed a man and gone slightly insane, Australian Ranger is more of a Lone Ranger now, while Legionary is a happy glutton. 7. After appearing in 1955, the group quickly became obscure – until they were revived in 2006 in the comic book titled The Island of Mister Mayhew. Chances of them having a long-running series seem slim though, given the lack of powerful villains to confront them. 8. In Scorpio Tango, Batman Inc issues 3-5, Batman travels to Argentina to recruit El Gaucho for his band of eponymous crime fighters; the Knight and the Squire also make appearances in this series. 9. While Justice League features Batman collecting a group of superheroes to fight a common enemy, just imagine what would happen if he actually realised his vision of Batmen of All Nations and created a Batman League? We know we’d be rooting for El Gaucho! What about you?


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