Your most precious monsoon accessory, after your raincoat and gumboots of course, has got to be a weather-proof handbag. It's your shield against the rain for all things dear (read: the smartphone and some other totally random paraphernalia). But are you willing to forfeit a polished and professional look for a bag with mere functionality? The fashion police would never approve and we wouldn't either. So to help you find that go-to monsoon bag to get you through the wet days, here's our checklist. furla Leather: Nay PVC: Yay! We know what you're thinking; PVC = Tacky. But hey, these Furla satchels that go from bright to pastel are just what you need to put your monsoon look together. We're totally crushing on these babies and believe every fashion girl must own one. sling bag Hand carry: Nay Cross-body sling: Yay! We said it before and we're saying it again - you need to go hands-free. Trust us; when you're dodging puddles and manoeuvering through swarms of wet bodies and umbrellas, the last thing you need is a load on your arm. P.S. We hear the way to now wear your cross-body is tight at the torso. zipped bag Open / Buttoned: Nay Zipper: Yay! Basic, we know. But haven't we all had days when the wind was too strong to even keep our umbrella open? For those inevitable moments, you're going to want a bag that is fully closed (no gaps or openings anywhere) to keep water from getting in and ruining your stuff! monsoon bag Transparent: Nay Hide all: Yay! This one seemed important to mention because a lot of monsoon bags are transparent and we are absolutely mortified by the idea. For starters, how in the world do they expect a completely neat interior; haven't they heard we carry our whole world in there? quirky monsoon bag Black/ Brown/ Grey: Nay Prints/ Pop colours: Yay! The easiest way to get your style to come crashing down in a heap is with a BBB (Boring Black Bag). Brighten up the grey days ahead with a pop colour bag and a funky printed one. monsoon backpack Designer: Nay Style: Yay! Just in time for the monsoon, the biggest millennial trend, not just in India but around the world, is ditching designers and big brands for ‘real’ style. Did we just see your wallet do a little dance? You save big and you're high on style. What more could you ask for? And talking of style, keep your eye out for bags with fringe or weather-proof appliqué! Images courtesy