If you’re a parent of a school-going kid, the next few days are going to turn into a mad rush as you gear up for school supplies. While books, bags and stationaries are just as important, don’t forget to update your kid’s tech supplies that will make work and play easier at school throughout the next year. Here’s your tech checklist for school.

A Laptop That Can Handle All Kinds of Work

In a time not too long ago, school essentials meant a few notebooks and some pens. Cut to 2018, the only kind of notebook you'll need is the one that comes with a charging plug and a trackpad. Look for an updated laptop with efficient specs like an i7 or i5 processor that is equipped to handle every kind of task. A laptop with large internal storage of 1TB and RAM of 4GB or more will ensure that the laptop runs faster without any lags.

A Printer for That Last-Minute Project Work

If there’s a one-stop emergency gadget, it’s the printer. Whether you’re completing a last-minute project or making notes for an exam, having your own printer by your side will save you the stress of sprinting across to a printing shop before class begins. Look for an all-in-one printer that lets you print, scan and Xerox to make your work easy.

An External Hard Drive to Backup and Store Your Data

A USB-powered hard drive will sort all your storage needs for the year to come. Save your projects, notes, software and more on this portable gadget. An external hard drive is the most convenient way to back up your data, in case your phone or laptop crashes. Look for one with at least 1TB storage, so that you never run out of space for a long time.

A Portable Pen Drive to Keep All Your Data at Hand

A pendrive is a smaller portable storage device you can carry around even in your wallet. It is a handy gadget when you have to transfer data on the go. It can be particularly handy when you need to take those last-minute notes.