As summer vacations and term breaks around the country enter their latter halves, the time to plan your back to school gear is right now. Getting the right things to prepare yourself for the academic year ahead is important, even more so if you’re heading off to a hostel. From the right gadgets to help you study to the appliances that help you stay healthy, back to school prep has come a long way from new notebooks and stationery. Here’s our curated list of back to school gear that will set you up for everything the school year can throw at you. 


In today’s academic curriculums, having a computer is not only helpful – it is necessary. When it comes to school and college students, portability is a must and hence a laptop can fulfil this role. Depending on your requirements, your pick for a laptop can vary from a basic, lightweight machine to a veritable powerhouse. To pick the right laptop for yourself (or your kid) as the school year draws close, check out this article. Additionally, when buying a laptop, it is always important to have the right laptop back as well as a laptop stand to carry and use it comfortably. The Mi Casual Laptop Backpack is a stylish and durable option, and the Portronics Hexa laptop stand will keep your laptop cool when you use it. 

Tablet and e-reader 

Even though most laptops today are quite lightweight and portable, there are situations where they still might prove to be too cumbersome. Thankfully, there are smaller, lighter alternatives that can go a long way, leaving the laptop to be used only when something particularly resource intensive needs to be done. Tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A can handle a lot of everyday tasks, and even provide a superior entertainment experience when compared to a smartphone. On the other hand, e-readers like the Kindle can relieve you of heavy textbooks entirely.  


From inspiring music to academic podcasts to helpful YouTube videos, a pair of good headphones is quintessential to making the most out of the internet for your studies without disturbing others. Noise cancelling headphones can even keep others from disturbing you unintentionally. The Sony WH-1000XM3 is as good as it can get, and it even comes with Alexa in-built. 

Bluetooth speaker

When you intend to experience music and podcasts with people around you, you need something loud, yet portable. Striking a balance between these two factors, and offering additional features on top, the iball Clock Sound Station is a Bluetooth speaker you need to get. The 3W output can be loud enough to fill your study or dorm room. The LED display can switch between track information, volume levels and even double up as a clock. The support for a variety of input sources also makes it quite versatile. 


Rather than queuing up at the local print shop every time you get a classroom project, why not get yourself your own printer? Home printers are quite capable of satisfying every day printing requirements. The HP Deskjet 1112 is a compact printer that can handle an output of up to 25 sheets. It is quite easy to setup and can push 7.5 monochrome pages, as well as 5.5 colour pages per minute. 

External hard disk

There are many benefits of an external hard disk drive (HDD) for a student. Easily sharing video tutorials, study materials, and even running routine backups of their entire systems – an external HDD can prove to be a lifesaver in all these situations. The Seagate 4TB Backup Plus can be the only HDD you’ll ever need. With the drive, you get additional benefits like a two-month free membership to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan worth Rs. 1399 and Kaspersky AntiVirus 1 Year - 1 PC subscription worth Rs. 599. 

Portable air purifier

The poor condition of the atmosphere, in terms of air pollution, is known to one and all today. Keeping one air purifier for an entire house/dorm is no longer the best you should be doing. Get yourself a portable purifier like the Sharp FU-A28E and rest assured about the air quality. It can cover upto 160 square feet and use Active Plasmacluster to take care of smell, pathogens, toxic gases and more. 

Portable projector 

Just like how a speaker can present music and podcasts to more than one person, a projector can help you do the same for the viewing experience. While a full-fledged unit might be too much to ask for, the Merlin LCD Pocket Projector can be a great choice for making group study sessions more effective and livening up weekend gaming and binge-watching sessions. It can push 1080p resolution visuals and the onboard LED will give you 30,000 hours of service. 

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